Suping Zhou

Suping Zhou
Research Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information:

Office Location: 202J Farrell-Westbrook 
Telephone:  615-963-2146
FAX: 615-963-1557


Research Areas:

Genetics, Physiology and Molecular Biology of Abiotic Stress in Plants

Most Significant Publications:

1. Supping  Zhou, Roger Sauve, Tara Fish, and Thoefore, Thannhauser..2009. Salt induced and  salt repressed protein in tomato. JASH, in press.

2. Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve, Braden Boone and Shawn Levy.2008. Identification of genes associated with aluminum toxicity in tomato roots using cDNA microarrays.  Plant Stress 2:113-120.

3. Irina Berezin, Emil Brook, Keren Mizrahi, Talya Mizrachy-Dagry, Meirav Elazar, Suping Zhou and Orit Shaul. Overexpression of the vacuolar metal/proton exchanger AtMHX in tomato causes decreased cell expansion and modifications in the mineral content.  Functional Plant Biology, 2008, 35, 15–25.

4. Suping Zhou, Jonathan D. Meade, Samuel Nahashon,  and  Peng Liang. 2008. Genome-wide analysis of mRNA expression by fluorescent differential display  in Khalid Mekse and Guenter Kahl eds.The Handbook of Plant Genomics.2008.

5. Suping Zhou, Shu Wei, Braden Boone and Shawn Levy. 2007. Microarray analysis of genes affected by salt stress in tomato. African J Environ Sci Techno. 1:014-026.

6. Suping Zhou and Abraham Abraha. 2007. Response to heat stress in warm season and cool season turf grass cultivars. Scientific Research Essay. 2:095-100.

7. Suping Zhou, Fur-chi Chen, Roger Sauve.2007.Structure and Temperature Regulated Expression of A Cysteine Protease Gene in Pachysdandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc. Journal of American Society of Hortscience. 132:1-5.

8. Suping Zhou, Fur-chi Chen, Samuel Nahashon, Tingting Chen. 2006. Cloning and Characterization of Glycolate Oxidase and NADH-Dependent Hydropyruvate Reductase Genes in Pachysandra terminals. Hortscience. 132:1-5.

9. Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve. Genetic Fingerprints of Goldenseal. 2006. Native Plants. Spring.73-77.

10. Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve and Abudullah Abudullah. 2005. Identification of genes regulated by low temperature in Pachysandra terminalis Zucc using cDNA differential display. HortScience 40(7):1995-1997.

11. Roger J Sauve, Suping Zhou, Yingchun Yu and Wolfram George Schmid. 2005. Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA analysis in the Genus Hosta. HortScience. 40(5):1243-1245.

12. Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve and M.T. Mmbaga. 2005. Adaptation of Pachysandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc. to Freezing Temperatures by the Accumulation of mRNA and Antifreeze Proteins. HortScience. 40(2):346-347.

13. Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve and Chaim Frenkel. 2005.Cold- induced antioxidant enzyme changes in Leucanthemum maximum ‘Silver Princess”. HortScience. 40(3):546-548.

14. Roger Sauve, Margaret Mmbaga and Suping Zhou.2004. In vitro regeneration of the Tennessee coneflower (Echinacea Tennesseenis).  In vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. Plant 40:325-328.

15. A. N. Aziz, R. J. Sauve, S. Zhou, and X Meng. 2003. Micorprojectile-mediated genetic transformation and regeneration of Chinese elm. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 587-591.

16. Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve, Eric F. Harward.  2002. Identification of a cell wall peroxidase in red calli of Prunus incisa Thunb. Plant Cell Report . 21: 380-384.

17. Suping Zhou and Roger Sauve.  2002.  Use of Fluorescent- amplified fragment length polymorphism for species identification in the genus Pulmonaria. J Environ Hort. 20(2):110-113.

18. Suping Zhou, et al. 1999. Characterization and induction of in vitro corms of diploid taro, Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture., 57:173-178.

19. Suping Zhou, et al.,1999. Morphological mechanism of corm development of diploid and triploid taro. Acta.Bot.Broeal.-Occident. Sinica ,19(3)408~414.

20. Suping Zhou, et al. 1999. In vitro Culture of sour cherry. Communications of Plant Physiology. 35(4) 301~302.

Awards and Honors:

2006, Who is Who America;
2005, Outstanding  Research Scientist, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research, Tennessee State University.


Ph.D. Agriculture (Horticulture), Nanjing Agricultural University,  P.R. China  1995-1998     
M.S. Horticulture, Shandong Agricultural University, P. R. China,
B.S. Horticulture, Hebei Agricultural University, P. R. China 1979-1982      


Date joined staff:  2000

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