ArcherReginald S. Archer
Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information
Office location: 211 D Lawson Hall
Telephone: 615-963-1495

Research Areas
Spatial Analysis, Environmental Change, Disaster Recovery and Applied GIS and Remote Sensing

Courses Taught
AGSC 2040  Research & Business Writing in Agricultural Sciences
AGSC 2510  Fundamentals of Geospatial Information Systems

AGSC 6510  Advanced Geospatial Information Systems
AGSC 6520  Advanced Spatial Analysis
AGSC 6530  Advanced Geospatial Metadata
AGSC 6540  Advanced Spatial Database Design and Management
AGSC 6530  Advanced Geospatial Metadata
AGSC 6550  Advanced Geospatial Information Systems Application and Design
AGSC 6560  Global Positioning Systems
AGSC 6585  Internship in Applied Geospatial Sciences

AGSC 5610  Graduate Seminar 1
AGSC 5620  Graduate Seminar 2

Significant Publications
Archer, R. S., Davis, F., Ebanks, S. C., & Gragg, R. D. S. (2019). HBCUs Broadening Participation in Geosciences (A Journey Through InTeGrate). Interdisciplinary Teaching About Earth and the Environment for a Sustainable Future, 361-378.

Akumu, C.E.; Henry, J.; Gala, T.; Dennis, S.; Reddy, C.; Teggene, F.; Haile, S.; Archer, R., (2018). Inland wetlands mapping and vulnerability assessment using an integrated geographic information system and remote sensing techniques. Global. J. Environ. Sci. Manage., 4(4): 387-400

George Smith, Reginald Archer, Dilip Nandwani & Jianwei Li (2017): Impacts of urbanization: diversity and the symbiotic relationships of rural, urban, and spaces in-between, International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2017.1383321

Walid Barhoumi, Whitney A. Qualls, Reginald S. Archer, Douglas O. Fuller, Ifhem Chelbi, Saifedine Cherni, Mohamed Derbali, Kristopher L. Arheart, Elyes Zhioua, John C. Beier (2015) Irrigation in the arid regions of Tunisia impacts the abundance and apparent density of sand fly vectors of Leishmania infantum. Acta Tropica, 141, 73–78

Dayana M Samson, Reginald S. Archer, Temitope O. Alimi, Kristopher K. Arheart, Daniel E. Impoinvil, Roland Oscar, Douglas O. Fuller, Whitney A. Qualls (2015) New Baseline Environmental Assessment of Mosquito Ecology in Northern Haiti during Increased Urbanization. Journal of Vector Ecology, 40 (1)

Archer, Reginald and Clarke, Keith (2012) Measuring and monitoring long term disaster recovery using remote sensing: A case study of post Katrina New Orleans. AutoCarto 2012 International Research Symposium. September 16-18, 2012. Columbus, Ohio

Presentations and Invited Talks
Invited Lecture: Geospatial Advances Since Hurricane Katrina, New Perspectives for Understanding Disasters. GIS Day – University of Miami, Miami, FL. November 2017

Invited Lecture: Geospatial applications in public health: modeling of risk related to vector borne diseases. St. Georges University. Grenada April 2016

Invited Lecture: Geographic Information (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for Farming. University of Jeremie, Jeremie Haiti. January 2016

GIS Workshop Instructor, Centro de Investigacion Cientifica Caucaseco, Cali, Colombia
“Creation and Validation of Risk Maps in the Context of Malaria Elimination” Two Day workshop introducing basic malaria risk mapping. Aug. 2014

Archer, R. “Geospatial information for modeling the potential species distribution of mosquitos in Northern Haiti” AAG 2014, Tampa, FL. April 2014

Invited Lecture: GIS & Remote Sensing: Predicting mosquito distribution based on Land cover Land use change in Northern Haiti (GIS 5050: Environmental GIS, FIU). Nov. 2013

Invited Lecture: A Case Study of Classification and Change Detection: Post Katrina Disaster Recovery in the Lower 9th Ward. Colloquium Speaker, Department of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Miami.Oct. 2013

Archer, R. “Classification and Change Detection: A Case Study of Post-Katrina Recovery” AAG 2013, Los Angeles, CA. April 2013

Archer, R. “Progress Detection: Remote Sensing for Long Term Disaster Recovery” AAG 2012, New York, NY. Feb. 2012

Ph.D. Geography, University of California Santa Barbara 
M.S. Civil & Coastal Engineering, University of Florida 
B.S. Surveying and Mapping, University of Florida

Date Joined Staff: 2015