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Sam Dennis
Research Professor
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Office Location: 207 CARP Bld.
Telephone: 615-963-5822
FAX: 615-963-5888

Research and Extension Areas: (Soils & Water Quality)

Dr. Dennis current Research and Extension work spans water resources and environmental soils. His research and extension work pertains to surface water monitoring for pharmaceuticals and personal care products at the watershed scale; monitoring greenhouse gases at the field scale; monitoring groundwater (wells) with down-well camera; and contaminants transport in soils (vadose zone). He has been involved in coordinating regional technology transfer conferences and multi-state training programs that have educated and increased the capacities of water resource management professionals across the region and nation. Dr. Dennis has served on several research and extension proposal review panels for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Selected Publications

Dennis, S. O. and A. A. Amenyenu. (2016). Keep pharmaceuticals out of our surface and groundwater. Tennessee State University Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet. TSU-16-0178(A)-1582004.

Deng, Q., D. Hui, J. Wang, C.-L. Yu, C. Li, K. C. Reddy, and S. O. Dennis (2016). Assessing the impacts of tillage and fertilization management on nitrous oxide emissions in a cornfield using the DNDC model, J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci.,121, doi:10.1002/2015JG003239.

Dennis, S.O., Deng, Q., Hui, D.F., Wang, J.M., Iwuozo, S., Yu, C.-L. and Reddy, C. (2015) In-Field Management Practices for Mitigating Soil CO2 and CH4 Fluxes under Corn (Zea mays) Production System in Middle Tennessee. American Journal of Climate Change, 4, 367-378.

Deng Q, Hui D, Wang J, Iwuozo S, Yu .C, L, Jima T, Smart D, Reddy C and Dennis, S. O. (2015). Corn Yield and Soil Nitrous Oxide Emission under Different Fertilizer and Soil Management: A Three-Year Field Experiment in Middle Tennessee. PLoS ONE Journal: 10(4) e0125406. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0125406.

Qi Deng, Dafeng Hui, Yiqi Luo, James J. Elser, Ying-Ping Wang, Irakli Loladze, Quanfa Zhang, and Sam Dennis. (2015). Down-regulation of tissue N:P ratios in terrestrial plants by elevated CO2. Ecology Vol 96 (12) : 3354-3362. DOI: 10.1890/15-0217.1.

Amenyenu, A. A., S. Hovis, R. Kaur, S. O. Dennis. (2015). Water Quality Variability in Two Creeks of the Collins River sub watershed. In the Southern Nursery Association Research (SNA) Conference Proceedings, Vol 60:239-244.

Dennis, S. O., D Duseja, A. Wade and S. Hovis. (2014). Monitoring Water wells with Down-well Camera Technology in Middle Tennessee. International Jour of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Vol: 4 (4) 551-556.

Huang, H, J. Wang, D. Hui, D. R. Miller, S. Bhattarai, S. O. Dennis, D. Smart, T. Sammis and K. C. Reddy. 2014. Nitrous oxide emissions from a commercial cornfield (Zea mays) measured using the eddy-covariance technique. Jour of atmospheric chemistry and physics. Vol: 14:12839-12854.

Hovis, S. A. A. Amenyenu and S. O. Dennis. (2012). Water Quality Assessment of two creeks in nursery-dominated sub-watershed at base flow. In the Southern Nursery Association Research (SNA) Conference Proceedings, Vol 57: 331-335.

Antonious, G.F. S. O Dennis, J. M. Unrine, J. C Snyder, (2011). Ascorbic acid, β-carotene, sugars, phenols, and heavy metals in sweet potato grown in soil fertilized with municipal sewage sludge. J. Environ Sci. Health Vol: 46 (2): 112-121.

Wang, J., T. W. Sammis, D. R. Miller, A. I. Hiscox, D. Granucci, B. Holmen, J. Kasumba, M. K. Shukla, S. O. Dennis, X. Zhang. (2011). Simulated Regional PM10 Dispersion from Agricultural Tilling Operations using HYSPLIT. Trans. Of the ASABE Vol: 54(5): 1659-1667.

Antonious, G. F, Snyder, and S. O Dennis (2009). Heavy metals in summer squash fruits grown in soil amended with municipal sewage sludge. J. Environ Sci. Health Vol: 45: 167-173.

Dennis, S. O., D. Eskandarnia and A. Clardy. (2009). Know your creek: A look at the water quality of two creeks at the Collins River sub-watershed. In Proceedings Southern Nursery Association Research Conference Vol. 54: 43-47.

Dennis, S. O. T. Tsegaye, R. E. Harrison, S. A. Aburime. (2007). Transport behavior of entomopathogenic nematodes, Steinernema carpocapsae in nursery field soils. Jour. of food, Agriculture & Environment. Vol: 5. (3&4): 454-459.

Tsegaye T, .A. Johnson, W. Mersie, S. O. Dennis, K. Golson. (2007). Transport of atrazine through soil columns with or without switch grass roots. Jour. of food, Agriculture & Environment. Vol 5: 345-350.

Underlined author above is a Post-Doctoral Associate of Dr. Dennis.

AGSC 4230 – Soil/Water Conservation

Ph.D. Plant & Soil Science. Alabama A&M University
Emphasis: Soil Physics/Environmental Soil Science

MS. Agricultural Sciences. Tennessee State University

BS. Plant & Soil Science. Middle Tennessee State University
Minor: Mathematics.

Date joined staff: 1994




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