Dr. Pendyala

Dr. Brahmaiah Pendyala
Assistant Professor 
Food and Animal Sciences
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact information
Office Location: 202N Farrell-Westbrook Ag Complex
Office Phone: (615) 963-5824
Email: bpendyal@tnstate.edu 

Research Areas
Phytochemistry, Chemo-bioinformatics
Identifying the roles of natural bioactive compounds in promoting health and disease prevention
Focus health promoting effects: antivirals, antimicrobials, anticancer and senolytic compounds  

Selected Publications

Pendyala, B*., Patras, A. and Dash, C. (2021). Phycobilins as Potent Food Bioactive Broad-Spectrum Inhibitors Against Proteases of SARS-CoV-2 and Other Coronaviruses: A Preliminary Study. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, 1399.

Pendyala, B*. and Patras, A. (2020). In silico screening of food bioactive compounds to predict potential inhibitors of COVID-19 main protease (Mpro) and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). ChemRxiv, https://doi.org/10.26434/chemr

Chaganti, T. and Pendyala, B*. (2022). In silico screening of novel senolytic compounds from natural food sources. bioRxiv. https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.05.12.491721

Pendyala, B*., Patras, A., Pokharel, B. and D’Souza, D. (2020). Genomic modeling as an approach to identify surrogates for use in experimental validation of SARS-CoV-2 and HuNoV inactivation by UV-C treatment. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11.

Pendyala, B., Chaganti, S. R., Thadikamala, S. and Reddy Shetty, P. (2013). Heterologous expression of CYP102A5 from B. cereus CYPPB-1 and validation of model for predicting metabolism of human P450 probe substrates. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, 97, 8107-8119.

Pendyala, B., Hanifzadeh, M., Abel, G. A., Viamajala, S. and Varanasi, S. (2020). Production of organic acids via autofermentation of microalgae: a promising approach for sustainable algal biorefineries. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 59(5), 1772-1780.

Pendyala, B#., Vadlamani, A#., Viamajala, S*. and Varanasi, S. (2018). High productivity cultivation of microalgae without concentrated CO2 input” ACS Sustainable chemistry & Engineering, 7, 1933-1943.

Vadlamani, A., Viamajala, S*., Pendyala, B. and Varanasi, S. (2017). Cultivation of microalgae at extreme alkaline pH conditions - a novel approach for biofuel production. ACS Sustainable chemistry & Engineering, 5, 7284-7294.

Pendyala, B., Patras, A., Gopisetty, V. V. S., Vashisht, P. and Ravi, R. (2022). Inactivation of B. cereus spores in whole milk and almond milk by serpentine path coiled tube UV-C system: Numerical simulation of flow field, lipid peroxidation and volatiles analysis. Food Research International, 160, 111652.

Vashisht, P., Pendyala, B., Patras, A., Gopisetty, V. V. S. and Ravi, R. (2022). Design and efficiency evaluation of a mid-size serpentine Dean flow UV-C system for the processing of whole milk using computational fluid dynamics and biodosimetry. Journal of Food Engineering, 111168.

Pendyala, B*., Patras, A*., Gopisetty, V. V. S. and Sasges, M. (2021). UV-C inactivation of microorganisms in a highly opaque model fluid using a pilot scale ultra-thin film annular reactor: Validation of delivered dose. Journal of Food Engineering, 294, 110403.

Vashisht, P., Pendyala, B*., Gopisetty, V. V. S. and Patras, A*. (2021). Modeling and validation of delivered fluence of a continuous Dean flow pilot scale UV system: monitoring fluence by biodosimetry approach. Food Research International, 148, 110625.

Stanley, J., Patras, A., Pendyala, B*., Vergne, M. J. and Bansode, R. R. (2020). Performance of a UV-A LED system for degradation of aflatoxins B 1 and M 1 in pure water: kinetics and cytotoxicity study. Scientific reports, 10(1), 1-12.

Pendyala, B., Patras, A., Ravi, R., Gopisetty, V. V. S. and Sasges, M. (2020). Evaluation of UV-C irradiation treatments on microbial safety, ascorbic acid, and volatile aromatics content of watermelon beverage. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 13(1), 101-111.

Pendyala, B., Patras, A., Gopisetty, V. V. S., Sasges, M. and Balamurugan, S. (2019). Inactivation of Bacillus and Clostridium spores in coconut water by ultraviolet light. Foodborne pathogens and disease, 16(10), 704-711.

Pendyala, B., Chaganti, S. R., Lalman, J. A. and Heath, D. D. (2016). Optimizing the performance of microbial fuel cells fed a combination of different synthetic organic fractions in municipal solid waste.” Waste Management, 49, 73-82.

Pendyala, B., Chaganti, S. R., Lalman, J. A., Shanmugam, S. R., Heath, D. D. and Lau, P. C. K. (2012). Pretreating mixed anaerobic communities from different sources: Correlating the hydrogen yield with hydrogenase activity and microbial diversity. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 37, 12175–12186.


Ph.D., Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, India
M.Sc., Biotechnology, Periyar University, Salem, India
B.Sc., Microbiology, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India

Date joined faculty: July 2022