William B. Sutton
Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

202G Farrell-Westbrook


Research Areas

Wildlife Biology, Herpetology, Conservation Biology, Biostatistics

Publications and Presentations

Peer-reviewed Publications – 14
Conference Proceedings and Technical Reports – 3
Conference Presentations – 18
Invited Lectures – 7

Most Significant Peer-reviewed Publications

       Sutton, W. B., M. J. Gray, J. T. Hoverman, R. G. Secrist, P. E. Super, R. H. Hardman, J. L. Tucker, and D. L.
       Miller. 2015. Trends in ranavirus prevalence among plethodontid salamanders in the Great Smoky Mountains
       National Park. Ecohealth. DOI: 10.1007/s10393-014-0994-z.

       Sutton, W. B., K. Barrett, A. T. Moody, C. S. Loftin, P. G. DeMaynadier, and P. Nanjappa. 2015. Predicted
       changes in climatic niche and climate refugia of conservation priority salamanders in the northeastern United
       States. Forests 6:1-26; doi:10.3390/f6010001.

Kroschel, W. A., W. B. Sutton, C. J. W. McClure, and T. K. Pauley. 2014. Decline of the Cheat Mountain salamander over a 32-year period and the potential influence of competition from sympatric species. Journal of Herpetology 48:415-422.

Sutton, W. B., Y. Wang, C. J. Schweitzer, and D. A. Steen. 2014. Lizard microhabitat and microclimate relationships in southeastern pine-hardwood forests managed with prescribed burning and thinning. Forest Science 60:180–190.

Steen, D.A., C. J. W. McClure, W. B. Sutton, C. A. Rudolph, J. B. Pierce, J. R. Lee, L. L. Smith, B. B. Gregory, D. L. Baxley, D. J. Stevenson, and C. Guyer. 2014. Copperheads are common when kingsnakes are not: relationships between the abundances of a predator and one of their prey. Herpetologica 70:69–76.

Gray, M. J., M. J. Chamberlain, D. A. Buehler, and W. B. Sutton. 2013. Wetland wildlife monitoring and assessment. Pp. 265 – 318. In: C. A. Davis, J. T. Anderson and W. C. Conway, editors. Wetland Techniques, Bentham Science, Oak Park, Illinois, USA.

Sutton, W. B., Y. Wang, and C. J. Schweitzer. 2013. Herpetofaunal responses to thinning and prescribed burning in mixed pine-hardwood forests of northwestern Alabama. Forest Ecology and Management 295:213–227.

Steen, D. A., C. J. W. McClure, J. C. Brock, D. C. Rudolph, J. B. Pierce, J. R. Lee, W. J. Humphries, B. B. Gregory, W. B. Sutton, L. L. Smith, D. L. Baxley, D. J. Stevenson, and C. Guyer. 2012. Landscape level influences of terrestrial snake occupancy within the southeastern United States. Ecological Applications 22:1084–1097.

Graham, S. P., E. C. Soehren, G. R. Cline, C. M. Schmidt, W. B. Sutton, J. R. Rayburn, S. H. Stiles, and J. A. Stiles. 2011. Conservation status of hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) in Alabama, USA. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 6:242–249.

Sutton, W. B., Y. Wang, and C. J. Schweitzer. 2010. Habitat relationships in pine beetle disturbed forests of Alabama, U.S.A. with guidelines for a modified drift-fence sampling method. Current Zoology 56:411–418.     

Sutton, W. B., K. E. Rastall, and T. K. Pauley. 2006. Diet analysis and feeding strategies of Rana pipiens in a West Virginia wetland. Herpetological Review 37:152–153.

Awards and Honors

First place honors (paper presentation category) 2010 Alabama Academy of Sciences
First place honors (paper presentation category) 2007 15th annual Biennial Southern Silviculture Research ConferenceRecipient of the Frank G. Brooks award (best oral presentation) 2002 national Tri-Beta convention
Biological Honors Society (Beta Beta Beta)
Jesuit Honors Society (Alpha Sigma Nu)
Eagle Scout, Troop #63 (1998), Philippi, WV

Professional Appointments

2013 – 2014: Post-doctoral Research Associate (Clemson University, Clemson, SC)
2012: Adjunct Instructor of Biology (Pellissippi State Community College, Knoxville, TN)
2011 – 2012: Post-doctoral Research Associate (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN)


Ph.D. (2010) – Alabama A&M University (Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences)
M.S. (2004) – Marshall University (Biological Sciences)
B.S. (2002) – Wheeling Jesuit University (Biology – Minor [Chemistry])

Joined TSU in 2014

webpage contact:
Agricultural and environmental Sciences