Aditya R. Khanal
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information
204D Farrell Westbrook Complex
Telephone: 615-963-4986

Website: /faculty/akhanal/

Research Areas
Agribusiness Finance and Management
Small Farm Business, Income Risk and Diversification
Technology Adoption
Food Security, Food Demand, Economic Development

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications
Khanal A. R., Mishra. A. K., and W. Keithly. 2015. Heterogeneity in Food Demand among Rural Households: The Role of Demographics. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Forthcoming  

Khanal A. R., Mishra A. K. and K. H. Koirala. 2015. Access to the Internet and Financial Performance of Small Farm Business Households. Electronic Commerce Research, 15: 159-175.

Mishra A. K., Mottaleb Kh. A., Khanal A. R., and S. Mohanty, 2015. Abiotic Stress and its Impact on Production Efficiency: the Case of Rice Farming in Bangladesh. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 199,1: 146-153.

Khanal A. R., and A. K. Mishra. 2014. Agritourism and Off-farm Work: Survival Strategy for Small Farms. Agricultural Economics, 45.S1: 65-76.

Khanal, A. R., and A. K. Mishra. 2014. Is ’Buying Winners and Selling Losers’ Trading Strategy Profitable in the New Economy? Applied Economics Letters, 21, 15: 1090-1093.

Khanal A. R., Mishra A. K., and Kh. A. Mottaleb. 2014. Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Stock Prices: The US Ethanol-based Biofuel industry. Biomass and Bioenergy, 61: 138-145.

D’antoni, J., Khanal A. R., and A. K. Mishra. 2014. Examining Labor Substitution: Does Family Matter for U.S. Cash Grain Farmers? Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 46, 2: 273-284.

D’antoni, J., Mishra A. K., and A. R. Khanal, 2014. Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Labor Allocation: Evidence from US Farm Sector. Health Economics Review, 4: 19.

 Khanal A.R. and J.M. Gillespie. 2013. Adoption and Profitability of Breeding Technologies: Evidence from U.S. Dairy Farms. AgBioForum: the Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management and Economics,16(1):53-65.

Khanal, A. R., Gillespie J. M., and J. MacDonald. 2010.  Adoption of Technology, Management Practices, and production Systems in U.S. Milk Production. Journal of Dairy Science 93(12):6012-6022.

Mishra, A. K. and A. R. Khanal. 2013. Is Participation in Agri-environmental Programs Affected by Liquidity and Solvency? Land Use Policy 35:163-170.

Joo, H., Khanal, A. R., and A. K. Mishra. 2013.  Farmers’ participation in Agritourism: Does it Affect the Bottom Line? Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 42: 471-490.

Uematsu, H., Khanal, A. R., and A. K. Mishra. 2013. The Impact of Natural Amenity on Farmland Values: A Quantile Regression Approach. Land Use Policy 33:151-160.

Work in Progress/Ongoing projects
Sitienei, I., Ashok K. Mishra, and A. R. Khanal. Informal “Ganyu” Labor Supply and Food Security: The Case of Malawi. Book Chapter in Food Security in a Food Abundant World; Vol 16, Emerald Press, London, UK. Editors: Schmitz A., Kennedt L., and Schmitz T.G.

Khanal, A.R., Mishra A. K., and M. Bhattarai 2015. Assessing the Impact of Weather Risk on Land Use Intensity: A Non-Stationary and Dynamic Panel Modeling Approach. Land Economics

Khanal A. R and A.K. Mishra. 2015. Financial Performance of Small Farm Business Households: The Role of Information Technology. Chinese Agricultural Economics Review.

Khanal, A.R., Mishra A. K., and G. D. Schaible. 2015. Are Agricultural, Structural, Environmental and Income Diversification Strategies Interlinked?. Agribusiness: An International Journal.

Khanal A. R. and A.K. Mishra. 2015. Can Weather Risk Alter Food Crop Portfolio Choices? Empirical Evidence from India. Food Policy.

Khanal, A.R., Mishra A. K., Lambert D., and K. P. Paudel. 2015. Modelling Post-adoption Decision in Precision Technology: A Bayesian Analysis. Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Khanal A. R., and A.K. Mishra.  Stock Dividend Announcement and Stock Price Reaction: An Event Study Approach. Economic Systems.

Joo, H.  A. R. Khanal., and Ashok K. Mishra. Off-Farm Income and its Impact on Food Security: Evidence from South Korea. Global Food Security.

Mishra A. K. and A. R. Khanal. 2015.  Effect of Health Insurance Coverage and Labor Allocation: The Case of Beginning Farmers in the U.S. Health Economics Review

Conference paper/ Proceedings: 13
Research bulletin/ Report/Extension publication: 6
Participation in professional national and international conferences/workshop: 18

Recent Honors and Awards
AAEA Foundation Young Professional and Graduate Student Travel Grant, 2013.
Outstanding PhD Student Award, Department of Agricultural Economics, LSU, 2014.
Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Student Merit Honor Roll Award from Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society LSU Chapter, April 2014.
Graduate Student Travel Grant from Graduate school of Louisiana State University

PhD, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
MS, Finance, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
MA, Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
BS, Agricultural Sciences, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Date Joined Faculty: 2015