Recruitment Team

Recruitment & Events Mission Statement

The Office of Recruitment and Events at Tennessee State University is committed to recruiting and enrolling a diverse, high-achieving student body reflective of the university's long history of providing opportunities to deserving students from all backgrounds. Through targeted outreach and recruitment, personalized support, and an unwavering dedication to the success of our students, the office strives to attract talented individuals who will thrive in our dynamic academic environment and go on to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

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Meet the Team!

portia j white background

Dr. Portia Johnson
Executive Director, Recruitment & Events

 staci white background

Mrs. Staci Abercrombie
Assistant Director of Recruitment, 250-mile radius


Ms. Johnnie Griffith
Director, West Tennessee Student Support


Dr. William Smith
Assistant Director of Recruitment, Transfer Admissions

irwin clearbackground

Mr. Irwin Todd
Campus Tour Coordinator

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