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Knowing what to look for and how to connect are the first steps to your success. Our goal is to support you and your family as you navigate this new academic journey and transition to TSU. 

OSS Before Orientation Advising Next Steps

Stay Informed


  • View Majors/Minors HERE
  • Register for NSO and submit test scores, transcripts, and health records
  • Check emails in the Future Tiger Portal
  • Follow the OSS on Instagram @osstsu

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Advising Next Steps PDF

1. Confirm and/or update your major with NSO registration

  • Orientation dates and your schedule will align with the major you confirm or update
  • Need to explore your options? Select the Arts and Sciences major and Multidisciplinary Studies concentration
  • Majors cannot be changed again until after the term begins. This will ensure your schedule aligns with your course program of study and avoid late modifications and financial delays.
  • Complete this form if you have a schedule and will no longer attend TSU fall 2024. The form is for advisement purposes only and will open on  May 1 and close on August 15. If you submit a request after the deadline, email AND copy . Include your name and T-Number, and the subject should say "Freshman Withdrawal - Not Attending TSU Fall 2024"

2. Request your schedule

  • The last question on the New Student Orientation registration asks if you plan to attend TSU and want a schedule. Select YES, and your schedule will be created by or before your orientation date. Look out for any emails from your advisor if additional information is needed. 
  • NSO registration is in the Future Tiger Portal
  • Immunization records must be received, and the Student Health Center must lift the student health hold before an advisor can create your schedule  
  • Advisors create your schedule for the first term
  • You will self-register and create your schedule for the second term
  • View the Academic Language Guide HERE  to understand the terms and building codes on your schedule.

Students select “Yes, I plan to attend TSU and want to register for classes" when they submit NSO registration. Before submitting the New Student Orientation (NSO) registration, students can confirm or modify their major. Students can change their major again if desired when pre-registration advising begins in September. 

Advisors in the OSS create fall schedules that align with the desired major, general education requirements, and recommendations outlined by the academic department. Schedule creation (manual registration by advisor) will begin May 1 in the order of NSO registration. This keeps the process fair as some students may opt for a later orientation date but may complete NSO registration early.

Advisors will inform you when your schedule is created via your campus email and/or the email address listed on your NSO registration.

  1. Registration will begin May 1 to create your schedule before NSO and at your request when you register for NSO
  2. Announcements will still be sent in the Future Tiger Portal until August 1
  3. Please direct questions regarding NSO to 

Advisors review student information and create schedules based on the following:

  1. Major confirmed or updated with NSO registration
  2. General Education Core and major-specific requirements as outlined by your academic department
  3. Cohort models to foster a community for students with the same or similar majors or status (i.e. first-generation)
  4. Course availability set by faculty, which includes times/days

Change of Major

  • The first option on the New Student Orientation (NSO) registration is a major confirmation; it shows you the major you selected on your admissions application.
  • You can change your major when you register for NSO.
  • If you change your major on the NSO registration, please know that your major will be updated in Banner and MyTSU by August 15 to ensure your courses are CPoS compliant (see below for CPoS).
  • Your fall schedule will be based on the major you select when registering for NSO, and you cannot change it again until September.

Understand your Course Program of Study (CPoS)

  • Know how CPoS affects you if you are receiving any financial aid.
  • Understand your major and fall schedule.
    • All students must fulfill general education core and major-specific classes.
    • Some majors will require specific courses in the general education category.
    • Use the undergraduate academic catalog to view course requirements.
    • Courses that do not require a prerequisite may be taken in a semester not recommended due to student needs or course availability
  • Make sure you're not repeating courses earned by dual enrollment, dual credit, or credit by examination. For more information, view the Course Placement and Dual Enrollment section.

Advisors will adjust schedules for students who need modifications to align with their **participation in:

  1. Honors College
  2. ROTC and Active Military Commitment
  3. Aristocrat of Bands
  4. Office of Disability Services
  5. Athletics
  6. Fully Online Program and NOT residing on campus
  7. Summer Completion Academy or Enhanced Learning Testing with appropriate scoring

**Departments will confirm participation before modifications are made for participants. Modifications may be made before or after orientation, depending on confirmations from the respective areas above.

Students waiting on a college credit evaluation due to test scores or dual enrollment may require a schedule modification. You can email unofficial documents to your assigned advisor in the OSS to expedite registration. We want to make modifications before orientation, so please send any unofficial documentation to advisors by July 1.


  1. Freshmen Advisement (A6) holds are lifted by your advisor when you complete pre-registration requirements in the fall. It ensures you are advised before self-registering for the second term.
  2. Immunization holds are lifted by Student Health Services when shot records are received. Advisors can't register you for the first term until the hold is clear.
  3. Admissions (A1 or A4) holds are lifted by the Admissions Office when requirements like final high school transcripts are received. 

Credit by Examination

  1. Students may receive college credit for exceptional subject-based scores on the ACT, SAT, AP, and IB test scores. The Records Office evaluates all scoring, and students will be registered in sequence for the appropriate course next. Your advisor can review your score report unofficially for advisement purposes, but all official documents are sent to Admissions and Records.
  2. View scoring and placement guidelines in the Academic Information section of the undergraduate academic catalog

Enhanced Learning Support

  1. Students who do not meet the college readiness minimum score in subject-based areas will be registered in an enhanced Math or English class to provide additional and direct instructional support.
  2. View the placement guide

Math Placement

  1. Students pursuing programs that require advanced math (e.g., Calculus—MATH 1910 or 1830) will be registered in a pre-requisite math course if they do not meet the minimum test score required by the Math department. This typically affects STEM majors.

Credit by Dual Enrollment or Dual Credit

  1. Students who earned an associate’s degree or completed college-level coursework in high school may receive college credit. Your freshman advisor cannot award or evaluate your credits. The Records Office evaluates college credits. However, your advisor can unofficially review your college transcript for advisement purposes. Final and official documents are sent to Admissions and Records.

All freshmen are assigned an advisor in the Office of Student Success. Advisors are listed here but the list will change as the team grows.

Three topic sessions are available, each offering multiple dates, but you should choose and attend only one date for each topic.

All sessions are Central Standard Time (CST) Zone.

My Advising Squad Meet the OSS Advising Team and receive information to stay informed and connected before orientation.

April 24 at 5pm    REGISTER

April 25 at 5pm    REGISTER

My Why & My Path to Success Everything begins and ends with YOU! Learn ways to discover who you are and the path to complete your degree, including general education requirements, opportunities for accel eration, course placement, and CPoS regulations.

May 7 at 5pm      REGISTER

May 16 at 5pm    REGISTER

Closer to My Dreams Q&A and opportunity to review essential  information (i.e., your schedule) before attending orientation.

June 5 at 1pm    REGISTER

June 10 at 3pm  REGISTER

June 18 at 4pm    REGISTER

June 26 at 5pm    REGISTER


Information will published here on Aug 1 and in the Academic Calendar

It will also be shared on our Instagram @osstsu and the FYE Instagram @tsufresh


Attending virtual sessions is the best way to connect and get questions answered in real time. Also, refresh your screen and clear your browsing history often to see recent updates to our web pages.

You can also email us at or visit us on the 3rd Floor of Clement Hall. Our Team Directory contains our contact information and current advising list. We update it frequently as needs change and the team grows.