Academic Recovery

Probation & Suspension Process 

Tennessee State University is dedicated to helping each student meet their academic goals. The Academic Recovery Program is a program for all students on academic probation as well as students who are readmitted from suspension. Our goal is to assist students while in Academic Recovery is to return these students to good academic standing.

PR holds are associated with students on Academic Probation. AH holds are associated with students on Academic Suspension. The PR and AH hold prevents students from adding and dropping a class until courses are reviewed with an advisor in our office.


Any student who fails to maintain the required GPA are placed on Academic Probation. Students on academic probation are required to consult with an Academic Success Advisor and will be required to take less than the normal academic load in the next semester of attendance. (13 Credit Hours) If you are on any special tuition rates or scholarships, you will not be eligible to receive them while on academic probation. Students who do not show improvement in their GPA will be placed on Academic Suspension.

Academic suspension normally lasts one semester unless the student submits an appeal. A student who has been placed on academic suspension have the following options:

  1. Sit out the next term. Suspended students who sit out may be readmitted to the university via a readmission application. The Summer term does not count for a “sit out” term. Students placed on academic suspension are not authorized to take courses at another institution the following semester.
  2. Submit an appeal in to Academic Affairs. The academic suspension appeals are reserved for students who had extenuating circumstances that prevented academic success. You must have documentation of your situation ready to submit with your appeal.

Students who are on academic probation or post-suspension are required to enroll in UNIV 1020 – Academic Success Strategies.


Students Placed on Academic Probation

Students placed on academic probation are required to follow up with their advisor after grades have been posted for the previous term. The student should have some advisement form to show classes that need to be repeated for GPA improvement. The student will be responsible for adjusting their schedule on MyTSU. A hold will be placed on your account noting your status on probation until you are back in good academic standing.


Students Returning from Academic Suspension

After being readmitted or receiving a suspension appeal, students returning from Academic Suspension will meet with a student success advisor in the Advisement Center regardless of classification. There will be a suspension hold on your account that will not be lifted. After you have been advised, fill out the registration form by building your schedule with the courses you were advised for. You can access the courses offered as well as the days and times that they are offered via a course search in MyTSU. 

Once your registration form is complete, email the Academic Recovery Registration form to your advisor to confirm courses. The advisor will review your completed registration form to ensure that all course sections are open and that there are no time conflicts. If there are issues, your registration will be delayed.

Once your schedule is approved, you will be registered administratively for your courses. You will be contacted when your registration has been completed and you will be able to confirm your enrollment via myTSU.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Academic Success Advisor for assistance.


All students must meet the following Retention Standards:

Quality Hours Attempted

Required Cumulative GPA

0-15 hours attempted

Not less than 1.5 cumulative GPA

16-30 hours attempted

Not less than 1.7 cumulative GPA

31-45 hours attempted

Not less than 1.8 cumulative GPA

46-59 hours attempted

Not less than 1.9 cumulative GPA

60 and above hours attempted

Not less than 2.0 cumulative GPA



Please note that Financial Aid appeals are separate from Academic Appeals. Please see the Financial Aid website for more information. Academic appeal information can be found here.