Writing Center

Writing Center

Services are offered on-ground and virtually.
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8 am - 4:30 pm

6 - 7 pm (online only)

Student Success Center - 3rd Floor
Love Learning Resource Center  

The Tennessee State University Writing Center provides support to University students, faculty/staff, and alumni by conducting:

  • Individual tutorial sessions
  • Learning Support Workshops for English 1010
  • Specialized workshops

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In order to receive assistance with any stage of the writing process, a student may be instructor-referred or self-referred. If a student needs to work on enhancing his or her writing skills in general, an individual program of study will be designed based on a writing diagnostic sample administered by the Writing Center. The student works on this individualized program of study at his or her own pace.

Our tutors will help you meet your immediate goals as well as help you develop as a writer. They're more than happy to assist at most stages of the writing process, from revision to brainstorming and development. Tutors will often offer advice on thesis construction, use of evidence, structure, flow, and sentence organization. Though the writing center doesn't proofread your paper, they will help improve your own editing and proofreading skills--enabling you to become your own best editor.

Because our staff and peer tutors practice collaborative tutoring, you should be aware that they will not copy-edit your work or "check it for errors." Instead, they will start each session by talking with you about your writing process. They are interested in your big-picture concerns. Next, they will most likely have you read the paper out loud (or read it out loud themselves). This practice is there for you to "hear" mistakes and errors, while also helping ground yourself within your work. After, tutors will help you identify areas that may need improvement and will empower you with the tools to improve. Tutors do not edit your papers; they aren't there to "give you the answers" – all tutors believe that students investigate their own thinking and more effectively understand their own expression of ideas. Inquiry-based tutoring assures that you will think, and write, for yourself, applying, adapting, and extending your abilities.

These practices are the same for both writers who identify as ESL students and native English speakers. While tutors understand many ESL writers are pursuing fluency through line-edits, tutors believe those goals can be addressed effectively through collaboration and conversation.

Individual writing tutorials are by appointment, and students are encouraged to set their appointments well in advance of when the assignments are due. While walk-in appointments are possible, there is no guarantee that appointments will be available, especially near the middle or end of the semester when papers are due.

All services are currently offered virtually. Students may make an appointment by calling 615-963-5102 or by registering on WCOnline and setting up an appointment with a staff member or peer tutor:

You can register for a tutoring appointment --> HERE <--

The Learning Support Workshop (ENGL 1011) is the required co-requisite learning support for ENGL 1010 based upon a student's sub-score in writing on the ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER at the time of admission to the University.

For more information on Placement Testing, click here!

The Writing Center offers workshops on various topics, including revising and editing, grammar and mechanics, sentence structure, research, and documentation styles. These workshops are open to all students throughout the University. Workshops may also be designed and presented at the special request of instructors for specific classes.

To request a specialized workshop, instructors may email the coordinator, Ms. Rhonda Kavan, or call her at 615-963-5102.

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Ms. Rhonda Kavan

Coordinator of the Writing Center
Room 311

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Dr. Shiloh Carroll
Room 312

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Ms. Lori Danley
Room 313

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Wilfred Robles

Mr. Wilfred Robles
Room 313

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