Class Reunions 2020

"A Vision of Excellence with a Spirit of Success"

Happy anniversary to the classes of: '85, '90, '95, '00, '05, '10  and '15.


A Walk Down Memory Lane

     Quotes from Your Classmates

Your Fondest Memories of Tennessee State University 

My most favorite memory ever was move in day at Mary Wilson Hall my freshman year.  I was a first generation college student.  The dorm was old but to me it may as well been the Waldorf Astoria!  I spent my best years on the campus of TSU and I would do it all over again!  Big Blue for life!  Carolyn Cobb-Jones, 1990

I was so proud of myself and thanks to Mr. Woodberry, my advisor in the Chemistry Department.  Ozzie A. Lynn, 1990

Being a freshman red shirt football player sitting in the stands watching the Big Blue play Alabama A&M in the Hole (Hale Stadium) and the fall 1986 Line of Alpha Theta (Kappa Alpha Psi) walking into the game in formation.  My participation in the 1987 Miss Tennessee State University Pageant as a swimsuit scene escort for Elaine Cato in the Gentry Center.  Anthony A.T. Owens, 1990

My fondest memories are waking up at 5 am to be on the track (start of 2 days) after staying up late with my teammates.  We were so afraid to be late after we showered we put on our running clothes and slept on top of the covers.  So when the alarms went off all we had to do was jump out of bed and put our shoes on and brush our teeth.  We were so crazy, just talking and to sleep!  Kimberly Butts, 1995

My favorite TSU memory is my first meeting with Dr. Bruce Hartmann, MBA Coordinator, to discuss the possibility of obtaining my MBA from TSU.  He knew every detail of every requirement for completion of that degree including which colleges were accredited and accepted.  He knew details of each class required for the MBA program.  For example, he told me I needed two classes in order to be admitted to the MBA program.  One of those classes had the same name as another course I had completed at Belmont University.  Dr. Hartmann said, "It's a different class.  It has the same name but it is different."  He was right.  Dr. Hartmann signed every registration form for every class I completed for my degree.  It was a favorite time of mine each semester to get to see him.  He was great.  Joni Kies, 1995

TSU wasn't just a school, it was a village of people from all walks of life communing together to achieve better.  This school doesn't just spit out clones, but embraces lives, produces lifelong relationships, and cares about giving you the tools to survive in life.  My time at TSU will always be held dear to my heart.  Kimberli Reese, 1995

As now a TSU alum, a number of memories I have of my undergraduate are strong.  For me it is too hard to put a name on one that is the strongest.  I can list a few that stand out.  Approachability of the administrators during the era.  Dr. James Hefner, Dr. Augustus Bankhead, and may others walked the yard, and would talk to you.  I recall talking to Dr. Hefner about my plans, and asked for a letter of recommendation for graduate school.  He quickly agreed to do it and it was sent with a week.  Because it was the start of the 1990s, technology changed from when I was in high school.  Accessing the world wide web for the first time while in TSU's computer lab, and doing computerized research was interesting and it stands out to me.  I had spent time in the Army before that experience and paper based learning was the way of learning, training and working.  Type writers were the way to do work.  Post 2000 that would change on campus.  The feeling of safety on campus.  As a student you could drive freely on campus without going through security gates.  You could walk without being ID from place to place.  I believe that looseness, provided a sense a comfort, relaxation, confidence, and trust.  It felt comfortable to be on campus.  Football on main campus.  The crowds, fans and games on campus were exciting.  Donald A. Stover, 1995

I t is so hard to say what my fondest memory at TSU is because there are so many to name.  My greatest memory is when my mom and dad dropped me off at Wilson Hall as a freshman.  It was a delight to see the joy on their faces.  I am the first generation 4 year college graduate to earn a bachelor's degree in accounting!  Beverly Rainer Young, 1995

Chilling in the student center watching the pretty ladies walk by.   Brian Brown, 2000

My best memories from my time in "the land of the golden sunshine," were bright.  I tell my children and my students about taking classes from some great professors:  Ed Temple, Dr. Catana Starks, Dr. Bobby Lovitt, Dr. Haney, Professor Graves, Professor Kirk and Dr. Johnson just to name a few.  I am honored that I was able to learn from such great individuals.  We are standing on the shoulders of giants!  How blessed we are to have been in the midst of greatness and groomed for excellence!  Thank you TSU! AOB Forever! William D. Mason, Jr., 2000

My fondest memory from Tennessee State University was the strong relationships that I formulated with classmates, instructors and staff throughout my matriculation at this prestigious institution.  I learned and grew a great deal from find people at TSU.  Thanks to all who helped make me who I am.  Tiger for life!  Derrick Buchanan, 2005

T here was no greater memory than my first TSU Homecoming.  To wake up in Watson Hall and see the amount of love that was spreading across campus was amazing!  Oliver E. Clark, 2005

My fondest memory of my studies at TSU, was having Elizabeth Kunnu, as the program director for HIM (Health Information Management).  She challenged the students academically and professionally to be ready for the real world and indeed we were all ready.  My success after graduation was her direct involvement in all students.  I am truly proud to have through the program and graduated in 2005.  My career has taken me to many states and many organizations, since my graduation.  Solomon Eboigbodin, 2005

My fondest memory is not an actual event, but a feeling.  I fondly remember how TSU made me feel.  TSU has a spirit of caring, searching out to enhance and improve the quality of life for students, and ensuring that its future alumni are equipped to go forth and serve.  During my time at TSU, there was room to make mistakes, people assisted me when I failed and those who pushed me to succeed.  It is with that same spirit that I offer my heartfelt recommendation to anyone considering TSU.  Leah Dupress Love, 2005

I returned to school later in life after dropping out at 19.  My fondest memory was turning that tassel to the other side December 2005 with tears rolling down my face.  It was a long road with many challenges, but I promised myself that I would not quit a second time.  Sharon Cantrell Murry, 2005

My best memory is when I performed in the "battle of the dorms" with Watson Hall my freshman year in 2001 during Homecoming week, and we came in 1st place.  Ketrick Ransfer, 2005

Being crowned the honor of representing my University as it's queen!  Unforgettable!  Yolanda Robinson, 2005

My fondest moment is when I walked across the stage to receive my degree that I worked so hard for.  Best HBCU ever!  Tareka Smith, 2005

My favorite memory being a student at The Tennessee State University is every single Homecoming and Greek week between 2006-2010.  UNFORGETTABLE! In addition to that, meeting my husband August of 2006.  Natasha Ealy Pilgrom, 2010

My favorite memory is studying abroad in Dalian and Beijing, China with the College of Public Service and Urban Affairs.  This was the first time I traveled outside the United States.  Raphael B. Smith, 2010

I grew up in a predominantly white community is Sioux Falls, SD and never knew what a HBCU was until I went to rientation.  But there is nothing I would trade in the world for my time at TSU.  I learned my beginnings in the radio industry from a great communications department and I have been hosting an ESPN radio show now for 8 years in my hometown.  I loved my time doing my campus radio show with some great friends.  Thanks for the memories.  Jeff Thurn, 2010

My memories of TSU are meeting my husband, then running back Javarris Williams in 2005.  TSU is where we met and now have grown to have a wonderful family life here in Texas.  I have great memories of my mentor Dean Earnest, and he always pushing me to be greater.  She is the reason I won 1st place in the Robert Murrell Oratorical contest my freshman year.  I have great memories of Ms. Bass and he being my NACWC advisor and her teaching me the importance of history.  I have great memories from AKPSI, Chi Psi chapter and meeting life long friends who impacted my life: Sherry White, Aletha Kern, Channez Martin, Alonna Stafford, Alisha Davis, Montia Jackson and many more phenomenal women who have been gems in my life journey.  I'm a proud TSU graduate, just like my grandfather Albert Paul Hudson, Sr.  I will be guiding my neice and son to be future Tigers as well! Kaila Williams, 2010 

Just being able to present this to my mom.  Temeca Fisher Jemison, 2015

My most fondest memories include being a member of the best band in the land, the Aristocrat of Bands.  This organization taught me about hard work and appreciating the moment.  Other memories include walking the campus each and every day admiring the beauty.  Being thankful to be grounded and humbled by TSU.  Embracing all of my experiences and truly learning: Think, Work, Serve.  Meeting and having plenty of fun with my college friends and the stories we made together.  Also, the graceful and captivating melodies of music that was produced with my sisters of my beloved organization, Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, Inc.  I truly love TSU!  Requel Stegall, 2015

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