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Administering Aid to Qualified Students

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  • sap appeal - may 24, 2024 (Full summer /session I)
  • sap appeal- june 21, 2024 (summer session II)
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Funding Your Education

The Office of Financial Aid administers federal, state, institutional and private sources of aid in accordance with federal and state laws. The mission of our office is to inform students and parents about the various types of financial assistance available and assist them in securing the necessary financial resources to reach their educational aspirations.

In the majority of cases, federal and state financial aid resources are not sufficient to meet a student's expected tuition costs. Financial Aid is designed to assist only (not fully fund) your educational expenses.

Although the assistance is great, it’s important to understand there are conditions for all money received. One of the most important terms to know is Course Program of Study (CPoS). This term is a federal requirement that directly impacts your award money. Visit the CPoS tab for more details




The 2023-24 FAFSA form is now available! For more information, visit

Best Value Designation

Special Tuition Rate for Out-of-State Students

Out-of-state students in a county within a 250-mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee are eligible for a discounted 250-Mile Radius Rate.  Read More ...

Best Value Designation

Tennessee State University Receives Best Value School Designation

TSU was among 80 universities and colleges nationwide to receive the designation by University Research and Review, a technology platform that researches, reviews and suggests colleges, universities and career schools.  Read More ...