Confirmation of Attendance

 All Students Who Use Financial Aid Must Confirm

All students who use deferments/aid to pay all or a part of their fees MUST CONFIRM (i.e., those with loans, grants, scholarships, state or disabled veterans' vocational rehabilitation benefits, veterans benefits, certain veterans' dependents education benefits, senior citizen benefits to audit classes, staff scholarships, etc.).

Confirmation affirms that students plan to attend the classes for which they are registered and gives the university permission to apply financial aid. Students who register/confirm and subsequently decide not to attend must drop all classes before the first day of classes to avoid a penalty.


To confirm, access myTSU and do the following:

    * In the "Applications" section, click "Banner Services"
    * Click on Student tab
    * Select Student Account
    * Select Account Detail for Term/Confirm Enrollment/Credit Card Payment
    * Select term
    * Review Account Summary for accuracy
    * Select Confirm Registration. Click Yes, I will attend

1. If the balance due is $0 or a credit (-) (i.e., authorized/memo aid is equal to or greater than amount due), the student will be given a confirmation number when he/she successfully completes the process.

2. If a balance is owed, the student will be directed to a secure site "TSU Bill Payment Suite" to pay in full or enroll in a deferment plan.

• To pay the balance in full, click on Make Payment and follow the instructions.

• To enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan Online click on the Enroll in a deferment plan tab and follow the instructions.

Write down the confirmation number as verification of completion of the confirmation process. The system will enter a code into the computer to hold the classes. If in doubt, the student may try the process again and the system will tell him/her if registration has already been confirmed.  The confirmation will not be repeated.  If a student decides not to attend classes after confirming, an official withdraw from the University is required. If the student decides to attend after checking that he/she will not attend, then he/she must contact the Bursar's Office to reverse the negative response and prevent his/her class schedule from being deleted.