TSU University Bursar Office

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The TSU Bursar Office is responsible to ensure that student accounts are accurate and paid in a timely manner. The Office assists in maintaining a single record of school-related charges and payments for tuition, room, board, fees, and other miscellaneous items (i.e. deposits, supplemental examinations, etc.). The student-related focus of the TSU Bursar Office is to help students remain within their educational pursuits amid regulatory requirements that are in place to protect us all.  

Tuition and Fees   The University’s tuition and fees vary depending on your course of study or major, your residence status, and the courses you’re taking.  At the link below, you can access the current year’s fee schedules, departmental fees, course fees, and incidental costs associated with your attendance. Additional explanations and definitions are provided to assist in understanding your term balance.  

Are You Due a Refund?   Actively participate in your refund process to ensure accurate delivery  each Term. Additional refund information is available  here .

If you do not receive financial aid, you still may receive money back from the University in the future. We encourage students to sign up for direct deposits to receive eligible refunds most efficiently and quickly. Information about direct deposit is available here.

New this Fall! Budget-to-Actual Payment Plans, International Payments, and more! To access your student account, visit MyTSU today!