Financing Your TSU Education

Options Available to Students in Good Standing

Students are not considered registered until all fees are paid or they confirm registration if fees will be covered by scholarships, authorized deferments and/or financial aid. The following options are available to students in good standing:


Payment can be made in person, by mail, or internet (myTSU) using the following methods. Contact the Bursar's Office at (615) 963-5472 or (877) 288-0028 for additional information.

  • Cash (please do not mail)
  • Check (personal, cashiers/bank check, money order) 
    It is the policy of Tennessee State University to electronically convert and process all paper checks received via Point of Purchase, mail or drop box using the Automate Clearing House (ACH) Network, under the rules governed by the National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) and the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Credit Card(MasterCard, Visa, or American Express)
  • Bank Wire Transfer (contact the Bursar's for wiring information)


Students may choose the expenses they wish to prepay before the semester begins, including room, board, tuition and fees. All payments must be made prior to registration. Payments will be returned if enrollment does not occur within eight months of the first payment. Contact the Bursar's Office at (615) 963-5472 for additional information.


Deferred Payment Plan enrollment is available online if a student’s total balance is at least $600 after all discounts, financial aid, and other credits have been applied. The Deferred Payment Plan is not available for the summer term. Students who wish to use this plan must select the Deferred Payment Plan Online option before the system will compute installment payments. At the time of enrollment in the plan, 50% of the current balance, a $50 administrative fee, and any prior balance must be paid in full. Students must pay at least the minimum down payment amount calculated when enrolling in the deferment plan. To ensure that the plan was successfully processed, students should review their myTSU email accounts for the Payment Plan enrollment confirmation. The amount deferred is payable in three installments due September 25, October 25, and November 25 for the fall term. Bills will not be mailed. A late payment charge of $25 will be assessed on September 26, October 26, and November 26 for each installment not paid on or before a due date. If the due date falls on a weekend, payments not received by Friday will be assessed this fee. If any additional charges are made to a student’s account after enrolling in the plan, such as adding classes or room/board, the additional amount due must be paid or the Bursar’s Office must be contacted to recalculate the plan.



Students who have applied for aid by the Financial Aid Office deadline may be eligible under certain circumstances for a Financial Aid Deferment if aid has not been received by the time of registration. The deferment will allow the student to register, though the deferment amount remains the liability of the student should the anticipated aid not be received or be received at an amount less than the deferred amount. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (615) 963-5701 or 1-888-328-4636 for additional information.


Contact the Bursar's Office at (615) 963-7580 for information related to fee discounts and waivers available to:

TSU Employees should contact Human Resources for more information about eligibility for these benefits.
PLEASE NOTE: All these programs have deadlines.


Unless otherwise indicated, you can find out more by contacting the Financial Aid Office at (615) 963-5701 or 1-888-328-4636, or the federal government at 1-800-4FEDAID or see the TSU Financial Aid website.

  • PELL grants
  • Direct Loans
  • SEOG
  • Federal Work Study
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • TSU performance scholarships (band, athletics, etc.). Contact the source department.
  • TSU departmental scholarships (Engineering, etc.). Contact the source department.
  • TSU Special scholarships (TSU Presidential and Foundation Scholarships). Contact Admissions at 963-5101 for 1-888-463-6878.
  • Third Party grants/scholarships Contact the third party.


Note: This is a summary of general provisions. Other requirements and restrictions must be obtained from the relevant offices. Call the above telephone numbers or the University operator at (615) 963-5000. You may also visit the University's website at



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