Bursar's Office


When and where do I pay my fees?

When: Pre-registered students should refer to the Fee Payment Deadlines  to determine their payment deadlines each term. All other students should be prepared to pay fees on the same day that courses are entered (unless payment will be covered by estimated financial aid or arrangements have been made with the Third Party Account Clerk, see below).

Where:   Staff and Office Information  provides payment addresses and locations. Payments can also be made by wire transfer, the Web, telephone, etc., as discussed in Financing Your TSU Education .


Do I have to wait in line to pay my fees?

The good news is that you don't! Refer to Financing Your TSU Education for the different payment options available to you. The keys are: paying on-time or early, paying by mail, paying by credit card over the Web or the telephone, paying by wire transfer, etc. You can also pay by check on our website. If you know you will need a TSU Deferment, select that on-line option when your classes are entered. (If you wait to sign up for classes during Regular Registration, which is approximately one week before the first day of classes, AND you need a deferment, a long line may be unavoidable.)


What are some of these fees I'm paying?

View Explanation of Mandatory Fees .

Most other fees and charges are self-explanatory.


How can I find out the status of my account and who can help me understand it if I have questions?

Students can access their accounts on the Web at http://mytsu.tnstate.edu . A PIN number is required. Students needing their accounts analyzed should contact the Assistant Bursar. (See Staff and Office Information .)


Why didn't I receive a bill for classes for which I'm registered?

Bills Will Not Be Mailed.  Students should access myTSU  at myTSU.tnstate.edu  to view account balances.   Students who pre-register can check the Fee Payment Deadlines and Other Important Dates section of this website for the appropriate payment dates. Students who register during regular or late registration should be prepared to pay on the same day that courses are entered, unless their fees will be covered by estimated financial aid or arrangements have been made with the Third Party Account Clerk.


What is a "purge"?

A purge is a deletion of the entire class schedule of a student due to non-payment of fees (or having a balance due). Students who are purged must re-register to be officially enrolled at the University.


If I don't attend class, am I "purged"?

No. A purge has to do with fee payment, not class attendance. If a student has registered and paid fees (or been approved for financial aid), but does not attend, he/she must officially withdraw from all classes or officially drop some classes in order to receive any type of fee refund that may be due. Refer to Refund of Tuition and Fees .


What happens if I add classes or room and board charges?

If you add classes or room and board charges after your initial registration payment, you will be purged if you do not pay the balance due by the next purge date. It is the student's responsibility to check his/her balance  to ensure that all charges for classes and room and board are reflected, as well as all credits for payments and financial aid.


What is "estimated financial aid"?

Estimated financial aid is an amount pending for loans, scholarships, grants and other awards. This amount is used for informational purposes only. Actual aid will be credited ten days before the start of classes, or after all required paperwork is completed (or thirty days after classes begin for freshman loans). If for any reason your actual aid is less than your estimated amount, you are responsible for the balance due. Reasons your actual aid may not be credited include not signing a promissory note, dropping below the number of hours required to receive the aid, not attending an entrance interview regarding a loan, not completing all the required paperwork, etc. Some types of aid, however, will not show up as estimated aid, such as PLUS loans and Federal Stafford loans from banks. If these loans are required to pay your fees but will not arrive by the appropriate due date, contact the Financial Aid Office about a deferment.


What if my fees are paid by a third party?

If your fees are to be billed to an employer, government agency, foreign embassy, etc., you should bring the necessary paperwork to the Third Party Clerk in the Bursar's Office immediately after your classes have been entered each semester so that your account can be credited and your sponsor billed. You are responsible for any amount not collected from your sponsor.


What is Confirmation of Attendance?

All students who use deferments or Federal financial aid in paying tuition and fees MUST CONFIRM attendance. Confirmation affirms that the student plans to attend the classes for which they are registered and gives the University permission to apply the financial aid to the term charges. Students who register and later decide not to attend must drop all classes before the first day of the Term to avoid a financial penalty. See Confirming Attendance.