Pay My Account Fees


Use this single page to access the various payment options that are available to TSU students and families. 

E-Pay Payment Suite.  Some payments require you to log into your myTSU account. This account is linked to your E-Pay Payment Suite for a full review of account charges.  The E-Pay Payment Suite also allows your to grant authorized access by a parent, family member, or employer to make payments directly.


Single-payment Invoice.  Request an email link to pay certain fees and fines online.  The Link payment provides an email receipt of your completed payment.  This link is best used to pay school-related items that do not appear on your normal student account.  The Sender of your email / link will read as TSU MAIN CAMPUS.

  • Please email a request to  Please include your T# and the exact amount you wish to pay.  The link does not allow you to change the payment amount.


Third-Party Invoice.   Students are often awarded scholarships that require an itemized invoice from the University before making the scholarship payment.  Please email BURSAR@tnstate to request a detailed invoice for this purpose.