250-Mile Radius Tuition Rate Discount Program

Are You Eligible?

250-Mile Radius Tuition Program Program

Out-of-State students pay an additional fee referred to as tuition that is not assessed to Tennessee In-State students.  Out-of-State students in a county within a 250-mile radius of Nashville, however, are eligible for a discounted Out-of-State rate. 

We refer to this discounted rate as our 250-Mile Radius Tuition Rate Discount


The 250-Mile Radius Tuition Rate Discount is effective beginning the 2016-2017 academic year.  Please view the current Fee Schedule here.


  • Classified as Out-of-State for fee payment purposes.
  • Classified as a degree-seeking student.
  • Enrolled in 15 or more undergraduate credit hours or 9 or more graduate credit hours.
  • Must remain enrolled through the 25% refund period of the term. 
  • Graduated from an eligible high school that is located within a 250-mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee.  The location lists are separated by County.

This reduced-rate cost of Out-of-State Tuition does not included other costs such as housing, meals, books, and other fees. Please visit the TSU Bursar's Fee Schedules for additional information regarding fees. 

Application and Notification

No application is required to receive this discounted rate.  The rate is assessed automatically assessed those who qualify.  Students will be notified via U.S. mail and/or email if they are eligible for this discounted rate. Students with questions about the rate may contact the TSU Office of Enrollment Services .

Eligible Schools by State/County

Eligible high schools by State are listed below and can be easily accessed by clicking on the applicable link. If a particular high school is within 250 miles and has been omitted, please email the  TSU Office of Enrollment Services . Upon receipt of your inquiry, the University will review the school and contact you regarding eligibility.