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The OSS-Advisement Team is your "go-to" for helping you define your goals, discover your path, and achieve academic success.  

Services and Registration Processes by Student Population

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Advising Quick Facts

>>Sophomores / Juniors / Seniors

>>Current Freshmen  

>>New First-Time Freshmen

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**The OSS advises first-time, continuing, readmitted, and new transfer freshmen students. Sophomores and above are advised by faculty or an academic department advisor. 

The following process is for new first-time freshmen and all students with less than 30 hours.

New First-time Freshmen entering summer/fall 2024 can view registration instructions here on the FTF Advising page.

PRE-REGISTRATION | Students meet with advisors before registration opens to identify courses needed for the upcoming term. Individual and/or group sessions are completed in February/March (spring term) and September/October (fall term). Following this trend, students can get the freshman advisement (A6) hold lifted before registration opens. Other holds preventing registration (i.e. balance) should also be cleared by other offices before registration opens. 

EARLY AND REGULAR REGISTRATION | Registration start and end dates are listed here on the academic calendar. View available courses using  Look Up Classes in myTSU. To access this feature, log into myTSU and visit the Student menu. From the Student menu, click Registration and choose Look Up Classes. View our How To Register Video to understand what to look for when registering. Find other Videos and Instructions here

Add / Drop / Withdrawal | Students may add and drop courses only during regular and late registration. The last day to add or drop courses is the last day of late registration, as listed on the Academic Calendar. When the add/drop period ends, students may withdraw from a course until the course withdrawal deadline and must submit a course withdrawal form to the Records Office.

TRANSCRIPT and CREDIT EVALUATION | Both are processed by the Records Office . If you are a first-time freshman, your dual enrollment credits may be reviewed by your advisor to ensure the appropriate first-semester schedule, but cannot be evaluated or awarded by your advisor.  Keep a copy of your transcript with final grades and bring it with you to orientation. Please do the same for AP, IB, and ACT scores eligible for college credit.

Common holds processed in our office that prevent registration are:

  • Freshman Advisement (A6) Hold

If you are a first-time freshman, you will see the A6 hold on your account until you earn 30 credit hours. The hold is temporarily lifted when you complete the registration advisement requirements. If you are a new transfer entering with less than 30 hours, the hold will be lifted after an advisor in the Office of Student Success advises you. If you are a transient student, we will lift the hold and direct you to the appropriate department to request course permissions.

  • Academic Probation (PR) Hold

Please visit the Academic Recovery page for more information on the registration process for students with probation and suspension academic standing.

Other common holds from other offices that prevent registration are:

Common registration errors  are:

  • Pre-requisite/test score error: You must complete a pre-requisite course or fulfill a minimum test score before registering for the course you're trying to register for. Contact your advisor for help to resolve this error.
  • Co-requisite error: You must add courses at the same time (i.e. BIOL 1010 and BIOL 1011) to resolve this error. This does not mean registering for the same class time. Instead, you will identify CRNs for both classes and add the CRNs to your worksheet or the blank CRN boxes in the Add/Drop feature from the Registration menu.
  • Closed section error: This typically means the course has reached capacity, and you must register for a different section or receive special permission. Check the course inventory for open seats or additional sections added throughout the registration period.
  • Program restriction error: You attempted to register for an RODP/TN eCampus course with a section number with the letter "R" (ex. R01, R25, R50, etc.). These courses require additional documentation and incur additional fees. Contact Bryan Thorpe for help with RODP/TN eCampus courses.
  • Time conflict error: You need to find a course and section that does not conflict with the day/time of other courses you have registered for.
  • Contact advisor: You need to contact the department responsible for the course to get assistance. For example, contact the English department if it's an English course.
  • Immunization hold: You must contact Student Health Services if you are restricted to registering for 11.999 hours or have not submitted immunization/shot records.

Visit our Registration Assistance page here  for additional help.

There are four types of courses offered at TSU:

  1. On-Ground
    Traditional attendance in an on-ground classroom setting that meets during regularly scheduled times. The course will also list a physical location. The instructional method is conventional (CON).

  2. TSU Online
    Virtual attendance in a course delivered asynchronously or synchronously. The course code may appear as WEB, DVC, or ZOZ.

    Asynchronous: Your course is online, and you are not required to attend at a specific time or day. It is your responsibility to connect with your instructor and keep up with assignments and announcements in eLearn. You can access eLearn  here . The instructional method is web asynchronous (WEB).

    Synchronous: Your course is online, and you are required to attend virtually at a specific time and day. The instructional method is web synchronous (DVC).

  3. Hybrid
    Your course will require attendance in both an on-ground classroom and an online virtual environment. Therefore, you will need to follow your syllabi and instructions from your course instructor to know when you will meet online and when you will meet on-ground.  The instructional method is hybrid (HYB).

  4. TN eCampus Online
    Your course will require virtual attendance and may be delivered by an instructor at another institution. Additional fees are incurred when registering for TN eCampus courses. The course section may appear as the letter "R" and a number (i.e. R50).

Request permission and hold removal here | This form is processed outside of the OSS; so, please read the instructions carefully. 

Incoming students participating in a global online program will have an online schedule that may include TSU Online and TSU eCampus courses. Your advising contact in the OSS is listed here



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Advisement Hours and Location

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Because we serve multiple populations, please connect with us at the appropriate time. Appointments are usually restricted to fall and spring pre-registration. All other services are drop-in at Clement Hall or virtual via Zoom for online students.


OSS Mission & Vision


The Office of Student Success (OSS) offers high-quality academic advising for new first-time and all students who have earned less than 30 credit hours. Our commitment is to:   

  • Provide student-centered, holistic, and individualized advising services.   
  • Empower students to be their best, authentic selves at TSU and beyond.  
  • Prepare students and families to successfully navigate and co-create their educational journey.  
  • Foster a culture of lifelong learning and professional development for OSS staff and students.  


To be an exemplary student success office and advising community partner that supports, advises, and teaches students to transition to and through TSU.