Advising and Registration Resources


  1. Connect with Your Advisor
  2. Undergraduate Catalog (Academic Programs and Policies)
  3. Undergraduate Majors and Minors
  4. Course Program of Study (CPoS) and Course Selection
  5. Undergraduate Degree Maps

Terms and Building Codes

  1. Academic Language Guide 


  1. Registration Errors
  2. How to Register and Course Selection
  3. Registration Quick Guide
  4. Find X-Treme Winter Break & Other Part of Term Courses
  5. Trial Schedule Worksheet
  6. General Education Core
  7. Confirm Registration

Technology and Virtual Assistance

  1. OTS for Enrollment & Registration
  2. Virtual Tour

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How to Register for Classes  How to View your Courses and Schedule


How to Schedule an Advisement Appointment (Sept-Oct 2022) Navigate Online Systems and Platforms


Student Tab Overview How to View Holds, Grades, and Unofficial Transcripts






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