Makonnen Lema
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information:
Office Location: 205B Lawson Hall 
Telephone:  615-963-1391
FAX:  615-963-5436 

Research Areas:

Animal Nutrition


Referred Journal Articles: 35
Books/Bulletins: 5
Extension Publications: 6
Research Abstracts: 35
Conference presentation/Invited Lectures: 25 

Most Significant Publications:

1. Lema, M., C. Pierfax, S. Kebe and N. Adefope. 2010. Effect of finishing crossbred meat goats with a similar total quantity of finisher ration over variable duration. Sheep & Goat Research Journal. 25:56-59.

2. Lema, M., S. Kebe and R. Opio, and N. Adefope. 2008. Growth rate, carcass trait and blood chemistry of cross-bred meat goats grazing Puna chicory, Rackmaster Refuge Mix and Sahara Bermudagrass. J. Appl. Anim. Res.33:1-6.

3. Lema, M. S. Kebe, R. Opio and C. Fenderson. 2006. Evaluation of cultivated summer  pastures for meat goats in Tennessee. J. Appl. Anim. Res. 30:57-62.

4. Lema, M. and S. Nahashson. 2006. Effect of antibiotic –supplemented feed on fecal enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157:H7 population in lambs. Small Ruminant Research  63:256-261.  

5. Lema, M. and E. Cebert. 2005 Forage production and quality of triticale cultivars in the Tennessee Valley. J. Sustainable Agric. 26 (3):95-105. 

6. Lema, M., Williams, L., Walker, L. and D. R. Rao. 2002. Effect of dietary fiber on E.coli  O157:H7 shedding in lambs. Small Ruminant Res. 43:249-255.

7. Lema, M., N. Knox and L Walker. 2002. Regression analysis for predicting AU Triumph Tall Fescue forage quality from chemical composition data in North Alabama. Appl. Anim. Res. 22:81-90.


AGSC-3500 Food Science and Technology
AGSC-3510  Processing Milk and Milk Products
AGSC-3410 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
AGSC-3430 Animal Health and Disease Prevention
AGSC-4410 Dairy Cattle Production and Management
AGSC 5160 Animal Genetics and Breeding
AGSC-5130 Animal Nutrition
AGSC-3420  Feeds and Ration Formulation
AGSC-3400 Animal and Plant Genetics
AGSC-515  Livestock Management 
AGSC-5140 Special Problems in Animal Science
AGSC-3400  Swine Production and Management 
AGSC-4710  Senior Seminar
AGSC-4720  Senior Seminar
AGSC-5610  Graduate Seminar
AGSC-5620  Graduate Seminar
FAS-492 Animal Science Capstone
FAS-355 Livestock Judging
AGSC-3601 Companion Animal Management

Extension: Extended use of forage Chicory for summer pasture for meat goat production in Tennessee


Ph.D: Oklahoma State University
M.Sc:  Addis Ababa University
B. Sc.: Haile Selassie I University

Date joined staff:  2003

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