John C. Ricketts

John C. Ricketts
Agricultural & Extension Education
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information:

Office Location: 203 Lawson Hall 
Telephone: 615.963-7620
FAX: 615.963-5888

Research Areas:

Agriculture Student Achievement (critical thinking, leadership development, academic, etc.)

Most Significant Publications:

Ricketts, C. & Ricketts, J. C. (2011). Leadership: Personal growth and career success. 3rd edition. Delmar. Clifton Park, NY. 
Rhoades, E., Ricketts, J. C., & Friedel, C. (2009). Cognitive potential: How different are agriculture students? Journal of Agricultural Education, 50 (3), 43-55.
Ricketts, J. C.  & Rudd, R. D. (2005). Critical thinking of selected youth leaders: The efficacy of critical thinking dispositions, leadership, and academic performance.  Journal of Agricultural Education, 46(1), 33-44.
Ricketts, J. C., Irani, T., & Jones, L. (2003).  The effect of instructional delivery methods on the critical thinking disposition of distance learners and traditional on-campus learners. Journal of Southern Agricultural Education Research, 53 (1) 57-69.
Ricketts, J. C. & Rudd, R. D. (2002). A comprehensive leadership education model to train, teach, and develop leadership in youth. Journal of Career and Technical Education, 19(1). 7-17.


AGSC 5010 Pedagogy in Agr & Ext Education (AEE)
AGSC 5040 Program Planning, Mgt, & Eval in AEE
AGSC 5030 Organizational Leadership Dev in AEE
AGSC 5020 Experiential Education in AEE
AGSC 3050 Introduction to AEE
AGSC 3060 Intra-curricular and Related Activities in AEE
AGSC 3070 Methods of Teaching AEE
AGSC 3080 Ag Mech Lab Management in AEE
AGSC 3090 Supervised Agricultural Experiences in AEE
AGSC 4760 Internship in AEE


Professional development training for agriculture teachers and extension agents at local, state, and national levels
Academic achievement consulting for enhancing youth leadership development and critical thinking

Awards and Honors:

Outstanding Young Agricultural Educator, American Association of Agricultural Education (AAAE), Southern Region, 2008

Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, University of Georgia (UGA), 2008, 2007, 2005

Outstanding Academic Advisor Award, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (CAES), UGA, 2007

Award for Greatly Contributing to Career Development of Students, Class of 2006 & UGA Career Center

Gamma Sigma Delta Jr. Achievement in Teaching Award, 2006

Teacher of Teachers, National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE), Gold Award – 2006; Silver Award – 2005; Bronze Award - 2004

30 Minute Club Award for promoting Agricultural Education, NAAE, 2010, 2006, 2005, 2003

Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, UGA Collegiate FFA Association, 2005

Who’s Who in Agriculture Academia, 2004

Outstanding Graduate Student, Agricultural Education and Communication, University of Florida, 2002

Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture, University of Florida, 2002

Alpha Tau Alpha Honor Society of Agriculture Education, 2001


B.Sc (Animal Science/Education). –Middle Tennessee State University
M.Sc (Vocational-Technical Education/Ag Education). – Middle Tennessee State University
Ph.D. – University of Florida

Date joined staff:  2010

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