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May 2019 - Japanese Maple Scale Hatch; Ambrosia Beetle Attacks and Tracking
June 2019 - Japanese Maple Scale Crawlers and Flea Beetle Alert; Herbicide Drift; Potato Leafhopper
July 2019 - Powdery Mildew on Flowering Dogwood; Phythopthora Management; Spruce Spider Mite
August 2019 - Southern Blight; Soil Nutrition and Plant Deficiencies
September 2019 - Potato Leafhopper continued; Botryosphaeria Canker; Pre-emergent Herbicide Use
October 2019 - Laurel Wilt; Hornbeam Rust
November 2019 - Spotted Lanternfly Alert; Phytophthora Crown and Root Rot
December 2019 - Using Horticultural Oils; Using the Online Tennessee Pesticide System
January 2020 - Boxwood Leafminer Activity; Dormant Oil Use for Japanese Maple Scale
February 2020 - Granulate Ambrosia Beetle; TSU NRC Plastic Recycling Program and Pesticide Pickup
March 2020 - Granulate Ambrosia Beetle Flight Alert; Box Tree Moth; H2A Visa Updates
April 2020 - Covid 19; Box Tree Moth Trapping Updates; Hairy Bittercress Weed Control; Maple Insect Pests (Potato Leaf Hopper, Maple Shoot Borer and Granulate Ambrosia Beetle)
May 2020 - Japanese Beetle Calibration Reminder, Cicada Mapping, Yellow Woodsorrel Weed Control; Oak Phylloxera; Boxwood Leafminer Trial
July 2020 - How to Handle a Positive Covid19 Test; Creeping Woodsorrel Weed Control; Potato Leafhopper Continued Damage; Box Tree Moth Trapping update; Heat Stress on Woody Ornamentals; High Insect Pressure (Eriophyid Mites and Sawflies)
August 2020 - Spotted Spurge Weed Control; Iron Deficiency in Woody Ornamentals; Shot Hole Disease of Prunus species)
September 2020 - Asian Longhorned Beetle Pest Alert; TDA Shipping Compliance Updates; Bagworms; Northern Willowherb Weed Control; Periodical Cicada in 2021 
October 2020 - Redheaded Flea Beetle; Scale Insect Identification and Control Recommendations; Mulberry Weed Control; Periodical Cicada in 2021 Update
November 2020 - Purple Spot on Oak; TSU Nursery Research Center YouTube Page Announcement; Cicada Updates; Dormant Oil Reminder 
December 2020 - Annual Bluegrass Weed Control; Flatheaded Borer Research Study
January 2021 - Japanese Maple Scale Scouting; Spotted Lanterfly
February 2021 - Elongate Hemlock Scale, Common Chickweed, Southern Root Knot Nematode, Box Tree Moth Update, Scouting and IPM
March 2021 - Cold weather injury, TSU NRC plastic recycling program, Weed of the month: large crabgrass, Fungicides as preventatives for soil pathogens, Spruce Spider mite, Ambrosia beetle preventative controls
April 2021 - Beneficial insect reminder, Yellow nutsedge id and control, TSU plastic recycling program, Black flagging on arborvitae, fireblight
May 2021 - Box Tree Moth, Potato Leafhopper, Wild Carrot Control, Phytophthora ramorum
June 2021 - Oak phylloxera, Hairy vetch control, Herbicide damage, Box tree moth update and information link
August 2021 - Nostoc species, Girdling roots
September 2021 - Marestail, Hackberry Island Chlorosis
November 2021 - Control of Pennsylvania Smartweed (Persicaria pensylvanica), Magnolia spp. seed collection and Cercis Canadensis
January 2022 - Dangers of shallow planting, redbud update, and control of Musk Thistle (Carduus nutans)
February 2022 - Control of Curly Dock (Rumex crispus), Japanese maple scale scouting, Vascular Streak Dieback and redbud update
March 2022 - Crapemyrtle bark scale, Vascular Streak Dieback update and control of common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris)
April 2022 - Pollinator reminder, Sun Spurge (Euphrobia helioscopia) control, boxwood psyllid control and fireblight
June 2022 - Pruning redbuds, control of Cut-leaf evening primrose (Oenothera laciniata), dealing with herbicide drift and cover crop equipment update
July 2022 - Clean pruning, Mugwork (Artemesia vulgaris) control and iron deficiency
February 2023 - Granulate Ambrosia Beetle, Yellow Nutsedge, winter injury
March 2023 - Crape Myrtle Bark Scale, Boxwood Leaf Miner, winter injury
April 2023 - Japanese Maple Scale, Granulate Ambrosia Beetle, Annual Sowthistle
May 2023 - Flatheaded Appletree Borer, Granulate Ambrosia Beetle, Prickly Sida
June 2023 - Potato Leaf Hopper, Japanese Maple Scale, Spiny Amaranth, Spiny Pigweed
July 2023 - Spruce Spider Mite, Granuate Ambrosia Beetle, Morningglory, IR-4 Survey, Elm Zigzag Sawfly