Plant Pathology

Growing disease-free plants

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The primary research focus of the plant pathology program is on the development of sustainable, environmental friendly and economical management practices for woody ornamental diseases. Research emphasis areas are 1) detection, diagnosis and management of fungal, oomycete, bacterial and viral diseases on woody ornamentals using both molecular and classical techniques in nursery production, 2) detection of pathogen and biocontrol agent populations through soil ecosystems, 3) molecular characterization of soil-borne pathogens of field and container-grown woody ornamentals grown in Tennessee and determining the grower perceptions and knowledge of soil-borne pathogens on woody ornamental production and management practices available and 4) development of sanitation practices for mechanically transmitted woody ornamental diseases.

For more information about the plant pathology research program at the Nursery Research Center, contact Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel at (931) 815-5143.

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