Keeping insects under control

The focus of the entomology program is to address major insect issues of Japanese Beetlefield
production nurseries in the southeast US. The primary research emphasis has been the development of imported fire ant and Japanese beetle nursery quarantine treatments to meet certification requirements for shipping nursery stock. The program is also performing research on the integrated pest management and trap development for wood-boring insects like flatheaded borers and the granulated (Asian) ambrosia beetle. Research is being conducted to determine the best chemical, biological and cultural controls for these pests to reduce the economic threat they pose to the nursery industry.

Results of this research will lead to a reduction of the spread of deleterious insects, a decrease in the amount of pesticides introduced into the environment, and a broadening of the potential market for Tennessee nursery products.

The entomology program at the TSU Nursery Research Center is led by Dr. Jason Oliver, Research Professor, Tennessee State University.

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