Breeding better plants

The breeding and genetics program is focused on the hydrangeadevelopment of new cultivars that will benefit commercial growers and consumers. Genera being emphasized in this program are Hydrangea, Clethra, Styrax and Cornus (dogwood).

Breeding goals include disease resistance, insect resistance, tolerance to environmental stress, and improved horticultural characteristics. The improved cultivars will be of economic benefit to growers through increased sales and reduced production costs, plus their use will reduce the need for pesticides in the environment. The new cultivars will also satisfy consumer demand for new and different types of plants.

In addition to the species stated above, the plant breeding program will address other plant improvement needs of the nursery industry as they arise.  For more information about the plant genetics research program at the Nursery Research Center, contact Dr. Lisa Alexander at (931) 815-5142.


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