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Ellucian Training (Banner, CRMRecruit, DegreeWorks, etc.)

Banner by EllucianWant to get more familiar with how to do certain things in Banner or other Ellucian software? Or want to download a Banner cheat sheet (Quick Reference Guide)? Check this out!

The Ellucian Training site has ALL you need!

NOTE: If the course or PDF displays "INCLUDED" or "PURCHASED", instead of listing a price, you are free to participate in the training video or to download the PDF. 

How to Access

  1. First, visit Ellucian Training.

  2. Click "Login" (upper right).
    If you don't yet have an account (NOTE: if this is your first time accessing the Ellucian Training site, you will not have an account yet), simply click "Sign up for an account" and set up your account as an "Ellucian customer".
    *Be sure to remember your login and password...for future visits!

  3. Then you can access the training you need via the search box on the Ellucian Training site or via the links below:


Banner (all courses)  

Banner Overview & Navigation (NOTE: To skip the introductory info, click the purple button "NEXT LESSON" to advance)

Quick Reference Guides  (downloadable)

Search For and Filter Data


Accounts Receivable


Financial Aid


Human Resources


Student Aid

CRM Recruit (all courses)

Demo of Recruit - From both the student AND employee perspective


DegreeWorks (all courses)

How Staff uses DegreeWorks


Other Banner Training

"Get to Know Banner" Webinar Series

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New to training?



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