Banner Document Management (BDM)

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What is Banner Document Management (BDM)?

Banner Document Management (BDM) is where Banner stores all of its documents.

BDM is an imaging and electronic document management system designed for use with Banner and Banner products. It seamlessly integrates with Banner, providing employees with a quick and easy way to store and access documents (ie. store students' transcript documents in BDM).

FYI: BDM uses a third-party application from OpenText called AppXtender to perform the document management. Documents sized 40MB and under may be uploaded into BDM.

How to Access BDM

First, your manager must request that you get access to BDM. Details on this page .

Login to Banner 9 , enter into a Banner screen, and click "Add" or "Retrieve" in the top right menu

NOTE: If you'll be scanning in paper documents, be sure to view the "Scanner" sections further below.


How to Upload Individual Documents, Images, Paper-copies into Banner (BDM)

Click the enlarge-video button  enlarge video  on each video to enlarge the display.


How-to Guides

How to Scan Documents into BDM (Easy-to-follow guide ) >>

Batches - upload batches of documents for later indexing >>

Batches - index batches >>

Scan documents  |  detailed PDF


BDM - Viewing and Printing Documents Guide

BDM - Scanning & Indexing


View entire Open Text User Guide >>

BDM App Extender16-3 User Guide


Purchasing a Scanner for Banner Document Management (BDM)

If you are purchasing scanners for use with BDM there are several specifics to consider:

  • The scanner must support ISIS drivers
  • The scanner should provide both color and black & white scanning
  • The scanner should provide adjustable DPI settings
  • The scanner should provide the ability to rotate and de-skew images when scanning
  • The scanner should provide duplex scanning
  • The scanner should have auto document feed
  • The scanner should be able to scan to PDF
  • The scanner should be able to scan to common image formats (JPEG and PNG)

In addition to these specifics you need to consider your scanning requirements with respect to volume and document size and type.  These questions can help determine if you need a high volume production scanner or if you can get by with desktop scanners.

Will you scan high volume batches of documents? Yes    Maybe
Will you want to scan ad-hoc documents quickly?   Yes  Maybe
Will you need to scan bound materials?     Yes
Will you need to scan portfolio size documents?     Yes
Will you create a central scanning station?  Yes    Maybe
Will you distribute scanning amongst your staff?   Yes Maybe

Setting up Scanning Capability in BDM

Note: This tool (Captive Cloud Toolkit) is only intended for staff who can scan to BDM\AppXtender.