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How to Submit a Form

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How to Approve a Form

Managers: How to Approve a Form (video)


Login Problems?

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HR: How to Process Submitted Forms



  • Delete a form

    There are only 2 ways to delete a form:

    If a Form Requestor (form initiator) saves the form as a draft, they can delete it prior to submitting it.

    If a form is already submitted, the Form Requestor (form initiator) can look at the form in My Forms and can see who needs to sign it next and can email that person asking that they “return it for revision” to the Form Requestor. Then the Form Requestor can go into My Forms…and still under Actions, they will not be able to delete the form. BUT, if they make a small change to the form & Save Progress, they would then be able to Delete the form under Actions.

  • Process Appointment Contracts & Supplemental Forms
  • Process incoming form (video)
  • Re-route a form (video)
  • Search for a particular person...to see all of their forms (video)


How to Administrate Forms (for offices that own forms and deal with forms' users)

How to administrate forms 

Re-route a form >> (video)

Departmental personnel can't edit the submitted form

On the form, maybe they serve many roles on the form, such as these 3 roles for example:

    1. Form Requestor
    2. Project Supervisor
    3. Department Head

So the only one of the roles on the form that will be able to edit the form (IE. upload a new document to it or make other edits) is the “Requestor” role. So if the form gets returned to the employee as “Department Head” or to them as “Project Supervisor”….they will not be able to make edits to the form. They will have to “return it for revisions” to the Requestor (which also happens to be themself!). Once it is returned to the Requestor, they will be able to make edits, including deleting or adding file uploads (attachments) to it.

Login Problems



1. DF has two ways to login:

  1. If the person is not yet an employee of TSU, they will obviously have to create their own account in DF…which is mentioned here . And they’d set it up with their personal email address as their login.
  2. If the person IS an employee, they just use their regular TSU network login/password.

So you always have to keep that in mind. And you have to ask, “Hmmm, which way were they supposed to login?”

2. Next, send them here person who is having difficulty logging in or viewing their form to this site

Send the person who is having difficulty logging in or difficulty viewing their form to these instructions.