Applications Access

Forms & Procedures


General Access

New employees must submit the following form:


For a temporary employee hired by a third party company (i.e. Kelly Services, TBR, etc), please complete and submit this form:


Banner Access

*** NOTE: Requesting Access to Banner for Employees Has Been Changed and Improved

Employees needing access into the Banner administration application (i.e. Banner 9) will work with their supervisor to define job responsibilities, especially those related to Banner.  The Supervisor will log into myTSU, access Banner Services, then the Employee tab, then click on the Banner Security Request link.  Collaborating with the appropriate Banner Security Officer (BSO) for the Banner area to which the employee needs access, the supervisor will request Banner access on this page (employee’s username is required for request).  This process replaces the previously-used Excel access form. Those forms are no longer accepted as valid Banner Access requests.

Detailed instructions: How to Request Banner Access for Employee (pdf) >> 

For collaboration with the appropriate Banner Security Officer (BSO), refer to the List of Current BSOs.

Access myTSU >>   
Then choose: Banner Services ---> Employee tab --> Banner Security Request



NOTE: Click the enlarge-video icon  enlarge video on the video to enlarge the display.


Banner Document Management System

To request access to the Banner Document Management System (BDM), please submit this form:



To request access to Argos Reporting System, please submit this form:


Current Banner Security Officers (BSOs)

Collaboration with the following individuals should be made in order to determine proper Banner access for an employee.

Banner Accounts Receivable  

Harriet Collier -  - Accounts Receivable

Bradley W. White - - Accounts Receivable

Banner Advancement

Casey Lightfoot - -  Alumni

Tanya D. Mayes -   Alumni

Banner Finance  

Bradley White - - Finance

Sammy J. Zaki - - Finance

Banner Financial Aid

Amy Woods - - Financial Aid

Tanaka N. Vercher - - Financial Aid

Banner Human Resources (HR) 

Linda Spears -    - Human Resources

Elizabeth J. Duncan - - Human Resources

Banner Payroll

Virgenia S. Brown - - Payroll

Linda C. Spears - - Payroll

Banner Student

Terrence Izzard  - - Admissions

Verontae Deams - - Records