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General Systems Access

New TSU employees must submit the following form:


For a temporary employee hired by a third party company (i.e. Kelly Services, TBR, etc), in addition to submitting the Employee Confidentiality Agreement, please submit the following form(s):


Banner Access Request

SUPERVISORS, need Banner access for your employee? Here’s how to request it--

The Supervisor will:

  1. Speak with the employee to define the job responsibilities and determine which Banner screens the employee needs access to. 
  2. Speak with the Banner Security Officer (BSO) for the area of Banner that the employee needs access to…and then request the appropriate Banner access for the employee by using the instructions below.

Instructions for the order to perform the actual request:

  1. Visit Banner Security Request (login with your normal TSU login/password).
    NOTE: If you see the following screen instead of the Banner Request page, you need to reboot your PC:
  2. Click the ellipsis (3 dots) button.
  3. Enter the employee’s last name and first name…and click the SEARCH button.
  4. In the search results, click the row that has employee’s name on it….and click the SELECT button.
  5. Click the “Request Access” button.
  6. Next, depending on what you want to do:
      If you want the employee's access to be identical to another employee, simply enter the username of the employee you're copying  into the “Copy user…” field. Then click "Duplicate User".
      Notice on the right-hand side are all of the Banner Security Groups. Click the plus-sign to open the group that the employee needs access to….and then click the box(es) for each group that the employee needs access to. NOTICE that in “GENERAL DATA STEWARD”, some boxes will already be checked by default. This is normal. Leave those checked.
  7. On the left-hand side, click "Submit Security Request".
  8. NOTE: the request has now been submitted into the Workflow system and each BSO will receive a notification so that they may approve/reject the access that is being requested. BSO: How to approve/reject>>
  9. You will receive notification when the request has been completely processed by every BSO and access granted by the IT staff.
  10. Did you catch that? EVERY BSO INVOLVED IN THE BANNER AREAS THAT YOUR REQUEST CONTAINS MUST PROCESS YOUR REQUEST. If you find that your request has not been granted yet, it's because one of the BSOs listed further below has not processed it in their Workflow account.

NOTE: The video further below demonstrates all these steps.



Does the employee need access to the Faculty/Advisor information in Banner? If so, in addition to completing the Banner Request, also email the Records office asking that the employee have access to Faculty/Advisor information in Banner.


View full set of instructions >>




NOTE: Click the enlarge-video icon  enlarge video on the video to enlarge the display.

This video demonstrates the above instructions. NOTE: It shows the steps to take after clicking the link: Banner Security Request in the instructions above.



Remove Banner Access

To remove certain Banner access of an employee, supervisors should follow these instructions:

  1. Visit  Banner Access Requests/Removals 
  2. Click the ellipsis to search for the person
  3. Highlight the row of the person & click "Select" at bottom
  4. Click "Request Access" to see what modules they have access to currently
  5. Expand the sections using the plus-sign (to see the person's access in each area)
  6. Unclick the modules that you don't want them to have access to any longer.
  7. On the left pane, click "Submit Security Request"

** Of course, this Banner Access Removal will then appear in the BSO's Workflow. And the BSO will need to approve the removal there...which allows the removal request to be sent to the IT department for removal.


BSO: How to Approve/Reject Banner Access Requests

BSOs must approve/reject the Banner Access Requests that supervisors submit for their employees. The BSO will see the access request or removal-of-access request in Workflow.

BSOs, to process Banner requests (approve or reject them), follow these instructions.


Banner Document Management System

To request access (add/delete) to the Banner Document Management System (BDM), please submit this form:



SUPERVISORS must complete this form. To request access (add/delete) to Argos Reporting System for an employee, the employee's supervisor should submit this form:


Current Banner Security Officers (BSOs)

Collaboration with the following individuals should be made in order to determine proper Banner access for an employee.

Banner Accounts Receivable  

Bradley W. White - - Accounts Receivable

Banner Advancement

Casey Lightfoot - -  Alumni

Tanya D. Mayes -   Alumni

Banner Finance  

Bradley White - - Finance

Banner Financial Aid

Barbara Tharpe - - Financial Aid

Tanaka N. Vercher - - Financial Aid

Banner Human Resources (HR) 

Regina Anderson - - Human Resources

Linda Spears -   - Human Resources

Banner Payroll

Virgenia S. Brown - - Payroll

Linda C. Spears - - Payroll

Banner Student

Verontae Deams - - Records

Lamar-Octavious Scott -  - Admissions