Food and Animal Sciences

Ensuring a Safe and Productive Food Supply

goats Why Food and Animal Science?

Why Food & Animal Sciences?
This program provides a rigorous scientific curriculum that is necessary to comprehend the real world challenges associated with many facets of the food system. The nation is experiencing an increasing need for professionals trained in Food and Animal Science. Interested students have the opportunities to participate in the state-of-the-art research with a faculty mentor. Students are trained with knowledge and skills needed for the numerous job opportunities available in the food and animal industry as well as the public sector.

The College hosts an impressive faculty in the Food and Animal Sciences with a wide range of expertise across the research, extension, and teaching mission areas who work to solve the problems facing Tennessee, the United States, and the world.

Our Expertise

All faculty members are experts in their specialized fields and actively involved in various aspects of food and animal research to solve problems related to food safety, food quality, nutrition, animal production, and animal health. Students are prepared to work for the USDA, the EPA and other regulatory agencies or in the private sector. 


Food Safety Auditor • Food Microbiologist Dairy Consultant • Quality Supervisor Poultry Technical Services Manager Animal Caretaker • Food Safety Manager Environmental Health & Safety Manager Farm Manager • Food Technologist
Food Standards Compliance Officer • Food Inspector • Animal Welfare Auditor Biological Science Technician • Professor • Toxicologist • Feed Ingredient Merchandiser • Animal Agriculture Management Associate Product Development Manager  

What Classes are needed for an Environmental Sciences Concentration?

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  Food and Animal Science - Pre Veterinary Emphasis
  Food and Animal Science - Animal Science Empahsis
  Food and Animal Science - Food Science Emphasis

Financial AssistanceFinancial Assistance

The College of Agriculture offers several financial awards designed to assist students with funding their education. Students can apply for the Dean’s Scholars or Leadership Development programs.

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Faculty and Graduate Students

Food SciencePeople in lab
Dr. Gajender Aleti
Dr. Fur-Chi Chen
Dr. Rita Fleming
Dr. Aliyar Fouladkhah 
Dr. Agnes Kilonzo-Nthenge
Dr. Brione Lockett
Dr. Ankit Patras
Dr. Brahmaiah Pendyala
Dr. Ramasamy Ravi
Dr. Hongwei Si
Dr. Ying Wu

Animal Science
Dr. Richard Browning
Dr. Makonnen Lema
Dr. Pramir Maharjan
Dr. Samuel Nahashon
Dr. Yongming Sang


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For Additional Information

Dr. De'Etra Young, Program Advisor

Dr. Sam Nahashon, Department Head 
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