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Equal Opportunity and Harassment Policies

Policies and Statutes Enforced at TSU

The Office of Equity and Inclusion ensures that the University complies with federal and state equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and regulations. OEI is also responsible for ensuring faculty, staff and students comply with TSU Policies regarding harassment and discrimination. The following is a list of the statutes and policies enforced at TSU that seek to promote equity in employment and education:

TSU Policies
TBR Policy Guideline P-080
Non-Discrimination Policy
Sexual Misconduct Policy **NEW** 
Title IX Notification
Title IX Requirements Regarding Pregnant & Parenting Students
Search Committee Chair Guide **NEW** 

Federal Statutes
Disability Laws
Title IX
Title VI
Other Federal Equal Opportunity Laws

TSU Equity Compliance Plans


"Simple justice requires that public funds to which taxpayers of all races contribute not be spent in any fashion which encourage, entrenches, subsidizes or results in racial discrimination."
President John F. Kennedy 1963