Why Biotechnology?
Biotechnology, the manipulation of living organisms and their components for the benefit of humans, is at the forefront of feeding, fueling and powering the future as well as protecting our environment. For those who want to be at the forefront of solving some of the major problems confronting humanity, our biotechnology program is an ideal choice.

Our Expertise
Our internationally renowned faculty are actively involved in teaching and research in microbial biotechnology, plant and animal biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, host-microbe interactions, nutritional genomics, immunological biotechnology, molecular genotyping, and the biotechnology of sustainable bioenergy.

Associate Scientist • Cell Biologist • Research Associate • Tissue Engineer • Research Technician • Research Analyst • Microbiologist • Synthetic Biologist • Molecular Biologist • Lab Technologist • Toxicologist • Product Developer •Science, Technology and Weapons Analyst • Quality Control Analyst • Professor • International Space Station Crew Trainer • Research Fermentation Scientist •Trait Development Scientist • Educator Development Specialist • Statistical Geneticist

Financial Assistance
The College of Agriculture offers several financial awards designed to assist students with funding their education. Students can apply for the Dean’s Scholars or Leadership Development programs.

Dr. Sam Nahashon, Program Advisor and Department Head 
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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Agricultural Sciences
(Concentration in Biotechnology)

Master of Science (M.S.) in Agricultural Sciences
(Concentration in Biotechnology)

Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences

Felts“As a student in the
biotechnology program,
I have received valuable hands-on experience directly related to my field of interest. The professors are kind
and caring and the
environment at the College of Agriculture has made me feel welcome from day one.
There are many programs offered to help students. The Dean’s Scholars program comes with a stipend and opportunities to travel to professional conferences.”
Aron Felts
Graduate Assistant
“Coming in as a freshman I had no Dingleunderstanding of biotechnology. Now, I am thankful for the opportunities and dedicated professors I’ve had who have helped me realize how important biotechnology is. Biotechnology has changed lives around the world for the better, which is why it is imperative that all students studying this discipline make it a point to educate individuals about it.”
Alexius Dingle
Class of 2019

Why Agribusiness?