Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology

The Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology in the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences within the College of Agriculture at Tennessee State University (TSU) provides an excellent opportunity for recent graduates with BS degree or currently enrolled graduate students at TSU to receive hands-on training in emerging biotechnologies and increase their marketability especially in the high-demand biotechnology workforce. Through this certificate program, biotechnology industry personnel may acquire needed and additional skills in emerging technologies through hands-on experiential learning and curriculum to advance the biotechnology industry in Tennessee and its neighboring states. The Certificate in Biotechnology will provide academic coursework in biotechnology and may serve as interim credential toward the completion of the MS degree in Agricultural Sciences with a concentration in Biotechnology.

admission process

Applicants for the Certificate program must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education and must meet the Graduate School requirements for non-degree admission and retention as published in the University catalog. Requests for application forms and materials should be directed to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

program of study

PDF copy of the Program of Study - Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology

To earn the Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology, students must satisfactorily complete the following four core courses and also two elective courses (total of six courses; 19-credit hours).

Core Courses: Total credits: 13
• AGSC 5270 - Biosecurity and Bioforensics (3) 
• AGSC 5340 - Cell and Tissue Culture (3) 
• AGSC 5470 - Immunochemistry in Biotechnology (3) 
• AGSC 5480 - Biotech Instrumentation & Application (3) 

Elective Courses: Total credits: 6
• AGSC 5290 - Omics (3) 
• AGSC 5380 - Industrial and Env. Biotechnology (3) 
• AGSC xxxx - Introduction to Genome Editing with CRISPR/Cas9 (3) 

For more information, contact the Graduate coordinator: Dr. Bharat Pokharel, (615) 963-6054.