Mass Emails

Need to Get a Message Out to the Entire Campus?

The "University Communications" account handles all mass E-mails for the University.  It is a restricted account to which only specified individuals can send to.  The current list of authorized senders includes the:

  • President,
  • Vice Presidents,
  • University Counsel
  • and their authorized designees. 

So, if you are included in the list above and are therefore authorized to send mass-emails:
To send to the email, in Outlook, do a find on the name "University Communications"....and send your mass email to that address.

If you are not authorized to send mass-emails (and are not included on the above list):
Please send your mass E-mail request to the Vice President over your area for approval to be posted. 

* If you send frequent mass-emails, you may desire to get authorization to send mass-emails by speaking with the President, your Vice President, or the University Counsel to get approval to be an authorized designee/sender.