Admissions to Student Teaching

Art Professor teaching class

This is the final practicum for graduate post-bacceleaurate and Grow Your Own (GYO) candidates. 

During Student Teaching semester, competencies are examined in the seven Areas of Performance through Key Assessments by the clinical supervisor and cooperating teachers. Recommendations from the clinical supervisor and cooperating teachers affirm successful completion of clinical practice. An exit interview based on an informal review of the student’s portfolio provides information about program effectiveness and unit operations.

Deadline to Apply: October 30 [Fall] and March 30 [Spring]

Admission to Residency II/Student Teaching


Student Teaching placements begin after a m andatory o rientation . Candidates spend all day in the classroom five days a week co-teaching. They follow the same schedule as the mentor teacher and the calendar of the assigned school district.   This experience offers  candidates culminating opportunities on which to transition into the profession as competent and caring educators. Candidates are engaged in authentic experiences that will include co-teaching and problem-based learning.   

Objectives for Student Teaching

  • Engage in effective long range and daily planning.  
  • Maintain an environment conducive to learning.  
  • Maximize the amount of time available for instruction.   
  • Manage learner behavior to provide productive learning opportunities.  
  • Effectively deliver instruction, while presenting appropriate content.  
  • Provide opportunities for student involvement in the learning process.  
  • Effectively assess student progress.  
  • Plan for professional self-development.  
  • Demonstrate professionalism and collegiality in interactions with colleagues.  
  • To model the standard Code of Ethics for educators at all times.  
  • To consistently submit all documents in a timely manner (Lesson Plans and Weekly Logs).