State Recognized Partnership Agreements

In 2014, The State Board of Education revised  Educator Preparation Policy 5.504 .  This policy requires EPPs to develop formalized partnership agreements with district partners, also known as LEAs. Partnership agreements with LEAs fall under two categories:  Primary Partnership Agreements (PPAs) and State Recognized Partnership Agreements (SRPAs).  Both types of agreements detail how EPPs and LEAs will collaborate to ensure that candidates meet the district needs (demographic and skill-specific) as well as how educator and instructional leader candidates will participate in high-quality clinical experiences.

Educational partnerships between Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Education Provider Programs (EPPs) provide a powerful means for enhancing student achievement and cultivating a culture of collaboration. The listed State Recognized Partnership Agreements include the roles and responsibilities of EPP faculty and LEA Staff, including clinical mentors and supervisors; and clear expectations regarding the delivery of candidate support and evaluation.

Middle TN counties

2023-2024 Primary Partner District Agreement:

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools 🍎  Metro Nashville Public Schools District Website

2023-2024 State Recognized Partner District Agreements:

Agreements District Websites
Cheatham County Schools Cheatham County Schools District Website
Franklin Special Schools Franklin Special Schools District Website
Macon County Schools Macon County Schools District Website
Memphis-Shelby County Schools Memphis-Shelby County District Website
Murfreesboro City Schools Murfreesboro City Schools District Website
Robertson County Schools Robertson County Schools District Website
Rutherford County Schools Rutherford County School District Website
Williamson County Schools Williamson County School District Website
Wilson County Schools Wilson County School District Website

*Note: Some partnership language is cut-off in agreement template. Full statements on on file in the Office of Teacher Education.

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