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Job-embedded programs allow an individual to serve as a teacher of record in a Tennessee classroom while completing required educator preparation classes. Potential teachers who want to teach in a classroom while also completing their program may do so while holding a job-embedded practitioner license. Educators are encouraged to contact approved educator preparation providers to verify whether they have a job-embedded program and to learn more about program requirements.   

Candidates for admission to a post-baccalaureate educator preparation program shall, at a minimum, meet the following criteria:  

  • Evidence of a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited IHE.  
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 from a completed baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate degree program or a GPA of 3.00 in the most recent sixty (60) credit hours earned at a regionally accredited IHE.  

For admission to programs that include job-embedded clinical practice, a degree with a major in the specialty area or qualifying scores on the required content assessment as defined in the State Board’s Professional Assessments for Tennessee Educators Policy.   EPPs shall report all admitted candidates to the Department. EPPs shall also report to the Department any candidate who holds a practitioner license who is no longer enrolled in the preparation program or who has failed to make adequate progress towards completion of the program.  

Minimum Requirements

The job-embedded program at Tennessee State University (TSU) allows individuals who have not completed a traditional educator preparation program, but possess at least a baccalaureate degree, to be hired on a Practitioner’s License while completing the requisite coursework for the Professional Licensure over a three-year period. In accordance with the Tennessee State Board of Education policy, to be admitted to TSU’s job-embedded program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. A baccalaureate degree or higher with a major in the specialty area to be taught.
  2. Submit official copy of all transcript(s) to TSU's certification officer ( ). We recommend using the Parchment transcript services to sent your collegiate credentials. 
    DO NOT SEND TO UNIVERSITY RECORDS, as we can not access their portal.
  3. A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 from a completed baccalaureate or post -baccalaureate degree program or a GPA of 3.00 in the most recent sixty (60) credit hours earned at a regionally accredited institution.
  4. Verification of content knowledge by the TSU’s certification officer.
  5. Qualifying Praxis II exam scores on the required content assessment specified by the Tennessee State Board of Education. *Note: Depending on endorsement area and undergraduate degree, Praxis II exam may not be required. Check with TESS certification officer before taking test.
  6. Admission to TSU Graduate School. 
  7. A letter of intent to hire from a school system indicating a job offer to TSU's certification officer (  ).

Providing all requirements have been met, the State Department of Education will issue a candidate the Practitioner License. 

Apply for Job Embedded Program

  • Tennessee Code Annotated §49-5-5610 requires that any student wishing to enter an approved teacher education program must undergo a criminal history check and fingerprinting by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Criminal Background Checks from outside agencies will not be accepted.
  •  Regardless, if you have obtained a cleared TBI background check in the past, if you are not enrolled consecutively for the fall and spring semesters at Tennessee State University, you may be required to obtain a subsequent background check. Contact the Office of Teacher Education and Student Services to check the status of your background check at 615-963-5459.


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