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Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity

Background Checks for Faculty and Staff (6.64)

Certified Administrative Professional Examination (6.7)

Clearance Procedure for Terminating Employees(6.8)

Children in the Workplace (6.8.1)

Code of Ethical Conduct (6.9)

Complaint Procedures for Employees (6.10)

Computer Access (6.10.2)

Conversions (Academic and Fiscal Year) (6.11)

Disciplinary Procedures (Non-Faculty) (6.12)

Drug-Free Work Place (6.13)

Educational Assistance (6.14)

Employment Classification (6.15)

Extra Service Pay (6.16)

Financial Exigency (6.17)

Firearms Policies

Grievance Procedures for Employees (6.10.1)

Immigration Reform and Control Act Requirements(6.18)

Implementation of 37.5 Hour Work-Week (6.19)

Inspecting and Copying Public Records(6.20)

Insurance (6.21)

Leave Policies

Nepotism (6.23)

New Hire Orientation (6.24) - see New Hire Orientation

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs and Activities (Title IX Compliance) (6.25)

Outside Employment (6.26)

Overtime Approval (6.27)

Overtime Compensation (6.28)

Performance Evaluation  (6.29)

Performance Evaluation Forms  Non-Faculty

Position Announcements (6.30)

Probationary Period (Non-Instructional Personnel) (6.31)

Promotions (6.32)

Recruitment and Employment (6.33)

Religion (6.34)

Resignation of Personnel (6.35)   - see "Separation Procedures" below

Retirement (6.36)

Separation Procedures

Transfers - Internal(6.38) 

Work Schedules and Time Keeping for Classified Employees(6.40)

Summer Work Week Policy  (6.40.01)

Workers' Compensation(6.41)

Contact Workers' Compensation Provider

Inclement Weather(6.42)

Tobacco-Free Policy (6.43)


About the HR Policy Manual

Introduction (6.0)

Organizational Chart (6.1)

Purpose and Principles of TSU Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual (6.2)

Administration of TSU Personnel System (6.3)