Competitive Total Rewards Packages

In seeking to attract and retain the best talent, Tennessee State University offers competitive total rewards packages while recognizing top performers for their outstanding contributions to the University.

All positions are classified according to relative job requirements and responsibilities. Each job classification is assigned an appropriate skill level. All jobs are paid within a salary range. Information on the salary range for your job classification may be obtained from your supervisor or the Human Resources Office. Usually, new employees are paid at the beginning of the applicable salary range. If salary increases are awarded, such increases are usually approved annually and are usually effective at July 1. There is no guarantee or assurance of salary increases since all increases are based on the state appropriation and other relevant factors regarding the operation of the University.


Employee Payroll

Direct Deposit Stubs:

Direct deposit stubs will be emailed 2 business days before the scheduled pay date. For example, those for the payroll scheduled for June 30th, will be emailed on June 28th.

A full listing of Pay Stub Pay and Deduction Codes can be found here.  A breakdown of your deductions can also be found my logging in to myTSU, Banner Services.

Re-issuing Stubs and Direct Deposits:

Direct deposit information can be obtained at myTSU, which is usually updated two days prior to payday. If a direct deposit stub is not received via email, a replacement copy can be printed from this web site. If a direct deposit is not received, a manual or electronic replacement can be requested from the Payroll Office.

Early Payrolls:

A payroll that falls on a federal holiday that the University does not observe will be scheduled for the previous work day.  Another early payroll will occur in December two days before the University closes for the holidays. For example, if the University administratively closes effective December 25th, the scheduled pay date will be December 23rd.

Student Payroll

All College Work Aid student employees will be paid by direct deposit. Students in the College Work Study program are also encouraged to be paid by direct deposit. The Placement Office will collect the direct deposit forms for students in the College Work Study program. Supervisors of students in the College Work Aid Program will need to collect the direct deposit forms from them (at the same time that I-9 documents and W-4's are collected).

If the students assigned to your areas have questions, more information is available to assist them. It will also soon be posted on the Bursars Office website and has been provided to The Meter. Your assistance in getting this information to your student employees and their supervisors is greatly appreciated.

You may review your pay stub through the web via myTSU. We require all new employees to sign up for Direct Deposit of their pay.


Tax Documents

View W-2 document  (for income tax filing)