Separation Procedures

Submitting the Termination/Transfer


The supervisor of the employee being transferred or terminated should submit the Employee Separation Administration notice within myTSU. Instructions below are available in this printable PDF format .

How to Submit Termination or Transfer

  1. Login to myTSU
  2. In the Staff Applications (or Faculty Applications) menu, click "Banner Workflow"
  3. In the "User Profile" menu, click "My Process"
  4. Click "ESA Workflow"
  5. For "Workflow Specifics Name" field, enter the ESA employee's name
  6. Click "Start Workflow"
  7. Click the employee name that is highlighted in blue
  8. Enter all required fields
  9. Click "Complete" (This sends an email to and to you .)


To Cancel an ESA Workflow

  1. In myTSU, under the "Home" tab, click "Worklist"
  2. Click "View Details" on far right of the ESA you can cancelling
  3. Click "Stop Workflow Request"


Additional Employee Separation Documents

Please refer to the following documents and forms to ensure that separation procedures are followed:

  1. The Employee Exit Form will be emailed to the departing-employee via DocuSign.  Please email for more info.
  2. Supervisor Exit Form for Separating Employee  (May be signed electronically)
  3. Information for Employees Leaving TSU
  4. Knowledge Transfer Form (Optional)