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“What Will You Do When A Disaster Strikes? A Quick Reference Guide To Help Keep You And Your Food Safe
This curriculum is a series of 8 lessons designed to be used to educate consumers on how to keep themselves and their food safe before, during, and after a disaster. Each lesson supports an educational approach that is in-depth, interactive, and flexible to the needs of the educational setting. 

Complete curriculum narrative with lesson outlines, handouts, activities, and evaluation materials.  16 mb PDF file.

PowerPoint Slide Sets:
Lesson 1. Developing A Communication Plan
Lesson 2. Preparing An Emergency Food Kit 
Lesson 3. Keeping Food Safe When The Lights Go Out
Lesson 4. Water is High And The Food is Not Dry
Lesson 5. Making Water Safe To Drink
Lesson 6. Precautions With Airborne Toxins And Fires
Lesson 7. Managing Food Recalls And Tampering
Lesson 8. Steps To Preventing A Foodborne Illness

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