Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Career & Technical Education -  Occupational Licensure Program

Tennessee State University’s Occupational Educator Preparation Program (OEPP) is a part
of the general Educator Preparation Program, whose conceptual underpinning is
supported by the charge of "Preparing competent and caring facilitators of learning, committed to diversity and the success of all". 

Through course instruction, intensive mentoring, and clinical experiences, all programs in the
TSU EPP provide candidates with the knowledge and skills to enable competency
in facilitating learning.

Occupational Licensure Program Application and Information

Undergraduate Admission to TSU

  1.  Apply as a Transit/ Special student;  pay application fee.
  2.  Submit high school and or College transcript(s) from all school attended to Admissions Office, and  also request official transcript to be sent to the TESS Office.
  3. Student will receive 2 email letters from Admissions:
    • Letter stating that Admission Office has received student's application.
    • Letter stating fully admitted as a Non-Degree/Special Student - Submit copy of acceptance letter letter  to the  TESS Office.
  4. Follow instructions as indicated in the Occupational Licensure packet

Undergraduate Readmission Application (No Payment Required)

  1. All  applicants must apply each semester for readmission (Submit to TESS Office).
  2. Submit copy of current Driver's License (for verification of instate status).
  3. Inform TESS Office of the requested credit hours for upcoming semester.
  4. Applicant will receive a readmission letter.
  5. Applicant must forward a copy of readmissions acceptance letter to the TESS Office.

Graduate Admission to TSU 

  1. Apply as a Non-Degree seeing student in the area of Curriculum & Instruction; pay application fee.
  2. Submit high school and or College transcript(s) from all school attended.
  3. Student will receive a letter of admissions from the Graduate School.
  4. Applicant must forward a copy of acceptance letter to the TESS Office.
  5. Follow instructions as indication in the Occupational Licensure packet

Courses Offered

Occupational Licensure Program Syllabi List



Code of Ethics for Teachers:

Code of Ethics Agreement Form


State Licensure Test Requirement (effective January 1, 2019)  

Website to Register:

Praxis Test:  PLT 5624                Passing Score Requirement:  157

Applicants issued a practitioner occupational license on or after July 1, 2018 must submit a qualifying score on the PLT: Grades 7-12 in order to renew the license or advance to the professional occupational license.

Additional Links & Forms:

Readmission Application (include copy of drivers license for in-state status) Must be submitted every semester

Occupational License Program of Study

State of Tennessee License Application

Transcript Request


Program Contact Information:

Dr. Soala Dede

Soala Dede, Ed.D. 
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership 
Director of M.ED. CTE Leadership Program & CTE Occupational Licensure Program
College of Education
Educational Leadership
Office Phone: (615) 963-5304
Clay Hall, Office 106 


**Note:  All documents submitted in PDF format only - no photo accepted.**