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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English

Interested in becoming a Teacher, Lawyer, Technical Writer, Writer for an Online Publication, or another of the 100+ possible careers?

Students who earn a Bachelor of Arts in English or minor in English or Writing gain an understanding of the use of the language for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Studying literature and writing, students become familiar with some of the great minds in history and the cultures of which they were a part. Students may want to double major, combining English with another major.


Students who major in English or minor in English or Writing find careers as writers, editors, middle and high school teachers, lawyers, ministers, webmasters, and more. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is an excellent source for exploring careers and learning about the potential for employment and salaries to expect.

Please review the Undergraduate Catalog for information about courses and requirements.

TEACHING CERTIFICATION in English, French, or Spanish

Students completing the University’s Teacher Education Program as a part of the bachelor degree program in English are eligible for licensure to teach in the state of Tennessee. Although successful program completion in Teacher Education enables candidates to be recommended for licensure in Tennessee, other states vary in licensure/certification requirements. Therefore, individuals interested in teaching or practicing outside of Tennessee will need to investigate state-specific requirements.

Current or prospective students with questions about licensure/certification should contact Teacher Education and Student Services (Teachercertification@tnstate.edu). Keep in mind that requirements change periodically, so it is important to determine the currency of published information.


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