Department News and Events 2020 - 2021

Activities and events within the department afford LLP students the opportunity to explore creative aspects of language, literature and philosophy beyond the classroom.  Events include publications, conferences, informal reading groups, spoken word events, public lectures, drama and film screenings. To learn more about LLP events, feel free to reach out to the department: Contact Us.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Race and policing in America: 10 things we know | Pew Research Center

Newly Released I Want to Write Production:

"Poetic Witness: Policing and Race" 

During the Spring 2021 semester, TSU student poets partnered with Criminal Justice majors to gain insight and prospective into the relationship between racial identity and law enforcement. After identifying case studies that embodied areas of concern, groups paired: criminal justice students wrote critical essays analyzing the incidents and student poets preserved these moments in visual poetry. See their efforts by clicking here: Poetic Witness: Policing and Race.

Art Writing Scholarship


Newly Announced Scholarship Opportunity!

Deadline May 26, 2021

Art Writing Scholarship for current TSU Students. 
Learn more and Apply Here.



Congrats to LLP's own Dr. Wendy Hennequin for her virtual performance in A Midsummer Night's Dream! (

LLP 2020 Retirements

LLP Creates Digital Memory Books to Honor 2020 Retirements

In LLP fashion, our department will create and publish memory books to present to our 2020 retirees.   Click the links below to post a note of congratulations, image, letter, etc.  Deadline for posting is Dec. 23.  I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

Memory Book Links:

Check out Dr. Wendy Hennequin in BEOWULF on ZOOM!

On November 14 and 15, Beowulf the Ethereal Event will present all of the poem Beowulf, livestreamed to the SCA East Kingdom’s YouTube channel:
Part 1: Nov. 14, at 7:30 p EST
Part 2: Nov. 15, at 2:00 p EST
The poem tells the story of the hero Beowulf, who rescues the Danes by killing the monstrous Grendel. He goes on to kill Grendel’s mother, become king, and then—in his old age—must face a dragon. Throughout, he learns lessons about kingship, feud, and the dangers inherent in fighting monsters.  “Beowulf is still relevant today. Leadership matters, well-earned loyalty is essential, and pride is a dangerous path," Toki said, adding that Nietzche's advice was true for Beowulf, and is true today, "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster."  Learn more:  
 AWS presentors.jpg

Join us for the Art Writing Symposium on Nov. 14!

Tennessee State University Department of Art and Design, Tennessee State University Languages, Literature and Philosophy (LLP), I Want to Write Initiative and Number Inc. invite you to the first annual Art  Writing  Symposium.  The Art Writing Symposium invites TSU students, local universities, educators, artists, writers and community members to participate. The symposium will offer a space to develop a personal language and provide time for thought and theory to become viable practice.  Learn more and register here:  Art Writing Symposium. 

Hayes Book Cover

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer L. Hayes on the release of her new book!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Dr. Hayes' new book Teaching African American Literature through Experiential Praxis: African American Writers in Europe.  Thank you for your hard work and insight.  Cheers! Learn more: Book Details. 

We Shall Overcome

Newly released: Creative Writing Poetry Anthology

We Shall Overcome: Poetic Witness to Civil Rights Era Nashville

Check out the most recent publications from the Spring 2020 Creative Writing Poetry students.  Students researched and explored a central theme of civil rights Nashville in their respective works.  Collectively, their poetry offers a promising contribution to the world of protest poetry. Learn more and review their works by visiting the I Want to Write Publication Page. 

Congrats to Our New LLP Spotlight: WaTeasa Freeman

LLP major WaTeasa Freeman is our latest spotlight. Freeman is a writer, poet with dreams of owning a news network. She writes,  "I have always had a passion and skill for writing.  I like telling stories though my words and giving others a new way of viewing themselves." Learn more about him, and our other student spotlights, by visiting the Student Spotlight.


Words Worth English Club Seeking Membership 

 The Department of Language, Literature, and Philosophy welcomes you to apply to become a Student Director on the Board of Student Directors for Words of Worth, your  NEW  friendly neighborhood Readers and Writers Association. This organization will serve as a communal space for those that love literature (in any form!!), believe in the power of words, and desire to explore the use their words to make TSU’s campus and the world a better place.  Questions? Contact faculty advisor: Dr. Emily Murray.

Soul Fire Group Photo

Soul Fire is Back!  "We Want Live Words!"

Soul Fire  Poetry Group and Workshop will return Fall 2019.  The first meeting of the semester will be held at  5 p.m., Weds., Sept. 2, On ZOOM . This departmental organization meets once a week to hone poetry writing and performance skills, organize open mic performances, and to workshop their ideas.  It features a Poet Mentor from Southern Word, who helps students craft their skills. Learn more about their efforts by clicking here: Soul Fire Mini-Documentary.

*Check Out Spoken Word Performances by the Soul Fire Members and Friends.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michelle J. Pinkard

Student success building

PASS Tutoring is back!

This semester, faculty members from the English department are working with Tiger Tutoring. Tutors will be available starting Aug. 24, M-F 4:30-8pm in Room 202 of the Student Resource Center. This service is free to students. PASS is a great opportunity for students who need help with writing to receive immediate feedback from faculty.  Our writing tutors are equipped to help students at the University with various writing assignments and activities (within English department classes and beyond). They can assist the student at any stage of their writing process from brainstorming ideas to providing strategies for revision. For tutoring schedule and related information, visit the Tiger Tutoring Webpage


Our news develops over the school year as students and faculty participate in TSU activities, present at conferences, explore
through class activities, and much more. We hope you will check back frequently to see what we are doing! Please report news to LLP Webmaster Dr. Michelle J. Pinkard. 


Congrats to Our New LLP Spotlight: Alldon Thompson

LLP major Alldon Thompson is our latest spotlight. Thompson has dreams of becoming an investigative reporter, writer and poet.  He writes,  "Choosing to be an English major allows me to extend my imagination and preserve the tradition of Protest Literature." Learn more about him, and our other student spotlights, by visiting the Student Spotlight Page.