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TSU has a budding creative writing community of writers and spoken word artists committed to truth, beauty and voice. Their professionalism in writing has led to gaining  invaluable real-world experience in publishing, multi-media exploration and collaborative service-learning. Indeed, LLP students are exploring ways they can reveal fresh truths, broaden their writing skills, and author their contribution to the world in which they live.


Advanced Poetry Fall 2021 Semester Course Projects
Students explore controversial themes in a series of published poetry chapbooks

 Race and policing in America: 10 things we know | Pew Research Center

Newly Released I Want to Write Production:

"Poetic Witness: Policing and Race" 

During the Spring 2021 semester, TSU student poets partnered with Criminal Justice majors to gain insight and prospective into the relationship between racial identity and law enforcement. After identifying case studies that embodied areas of concern, groups paired: criminal justice students wrote critical essays analyzing the incidents and student poets preserved these moments in visual poetry. See their efforts by clicking here: Poetic Witness: Policing and Race.

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Advanced Poetry Fall 2020 Semester Course Projects
Students explore controversial themes in a series of published poetry chapbooks

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Portraits, Poetry & Politics: Election 2020

Creative Writing Poetry Students and Art Majors collaborate to support "Get Out the Vote" Initiatives through Poetry and Art. The goal was to explore issues that inspired their journey to the voting booth. Enter the online exhibit by clicking here: PPP 2000

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We Shall Overcome: Poetic Witness to Civil Rights Era Nashville Vol. 1

Students enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester of Creative Writing Poetry collaborated with the Art Department to produce this timely anthology. Essentially, students researched, explored, responded to historical photos surveying the central theme of civil rights Nashville in their respective works.  As the latest addition to the I Want to Write initiative, their poetry offers a promising contribution to the world of protest poetry


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Spirits of the South: What I Almost Forgot
Poetic Reflections on Nashville's Slave History

Students enrolled in Writing for Publication Fall 2018 produced this evocative publication as part of a service-learning contribution to the  I Want to Write Initiative.   In this semester-long pursuit, students researched and visited area plantations, then wrote poetry reflecting their experiences.  Collaborations with TSU's History and Art departments help in bringing this effort to fruition. 

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  I Want to Write Anthology: Celebrating a Year in Voice, Vision, and Victory

Join us in celebrating a successful year in I Want to Write initiatives This anthology represents a snapshot of I Want to Write events during the 2016-2017 academic year.  It includes poetry, artwork, and images created by event attendees and TSU students.  Check it out by clicking here: I Want to Write Anthology. 


Legacies Unpacked

Legacies Unpacked: The Women of Schrader Acres in Poetry

Legacies  was a service learning initiative inspired by interviews with residents and volunteers of the David Jones Jr. Assisted Living Center.   In this semester-long engagement, TSU students interviewed residents and volunteers at the area Schrader Acres Assisted Living Center.  Those interviews were molded into poetry by English Majors and into visual text by Art majors.


Advanced Poetry Fall 2019 Semester Course Projects

Students explore controversial themes in a series of published poetry chapbooks

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Projection of Truth: A Dramatization of Ars Poetica
Cinematic Interpretations of Student Poetry  

   - Composed by English Students and Mass Communication Majors

(This Group Ars Poetica was selected for screening
at the
International Black Film Festival)

 Sketches Cover Art  

TSU's online literary magazine, is now online!

Sketches: The Online Creative Arts Journal of Tennessee State University  is an online open access journal published in Digital Scholarship @ Tennessee State University in collaborative partnership with the Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy and the Tennessee State University Library.

Editor:   Elaine Anderson Phillips, Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy, Tennessee State University