Continuous Improvement

Learning Improvement Stories

Tennessee State University uses a variety of ways to showcase excellence in teaching and program assessment work. Our faculty and assessment practitioners collaborate to identify learning improvement stories.  What do we mean by learning improvement - simply put, a change(s) in the learning environment that produces improved student learning or student learning experiences, evidenced by better student achievement.


Improving Students' Skills in Calculus-Based Thermodynamic Applications and Research Publications, Department of Chemistry

Student Improvement in Creating Professional Portfolios, Department of Communication

Improving Students' Skills in Music Performance, Theory, and Musicology


Programmatic Best Practices

What works in assessment and student learning improvement?  As a part of the institutional accreditation process and institutional effectiveness model, programs demonstrate a systematic and continuous process of gathering data and evaluation of student performance on designated learning expectations and using the analysis of results to make data-driven improvements in the students' learning experiences.  That process can be cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Hear from your peers and how they have instituted scalable, institution-wide solutions that address the major methods needed to collect and report on student performance against learning outcomes.

The College of Education - Infogram Data Dashboard

Department of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Assessment Retreat

The College of Business Boot Camp

The College of Education Use of Data for Improvement