Institutional Research

Official Source of Aggregate Institutional Data

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research. 

Our services to the university are the following:

  • Serving as a repository for and attempting to maintain the integrity of data related to the various components of the University;
  • Developing and publishing institutional studies in such areas as student enrollment, retention, and performance; program evaluations; and students and faculty;
  • Responding to state and federal reporting requirements;
  • Responding to external surveys/questionnaires with information contained in an accurate, annual Common Data Set;
  • Maintaining a web site that shares information reported to various agencies, including the annual fact book;
  • Developing and maintaining a data warehouse that provides accurate and accessible historical data;
  • Processing student evaluations of instructional faculty and summarizing the results in a timely and accurate manner for faculty, department heads, deans and the Vice President for Academic Affairs;
  • Providing ad hoc reporting support to internal and external constituents in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Supporting Performance Funding, Institutional Effectiveness, and Self Study and other accreditation initiatives.

Please navigate our site for the information you need.

Official Institutional Data presented in various report formats can be found within our university Common Data Set, Quick Facts, Fact Book, or Dashboard. Please visit these resources prior to submitting a request to see if you can easily find the data you need within our published resources.  

If you need more detailed information than the data included within the Common Data Set, Quick Facts, Fact Book, or Dashboard resources, please submit a data request via the form included within the link below.

Submit Data Request 

Please be aware, requests for data solely for the purpose of research and/or dissertation research studies, must have an approved IRB form included when you submit your data request. You can begin the IRB process by visiting the Institutional Review Board website at