Summary Data

Evaluating the Quality of Assessment


The University utilizes quality enhancement rubrics to evaluate end-of-year assessment reports.  The rubrics provide a method to identify and refine assessment efforts across the University; strengthening the Office of Assessment and Accreditation’s communication and training and program/unit self-evaluation.  Analytics are utilized to display scoring results, programs' use of results to seek improvement displayed by typology, and program assessment trends. 


Scoring Legend:

Educational Programs: 4 = Exemplary  3 = Good 2 = Developing 1 = Beginning

Administrative Services and Academic and Student Support Units: 3 = In Compliance 2 = Partial Compliance 1 = Not in Compliance




The interactive dashboard provides convenient access to summarized results.

2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 Assessment Reports - Quality Rubric Score Summary

Comprehensive Dashboard - Program Assessment Trends