Career Development Center offers a variety of services for students, alumni, and employers. The Center assists students in exploring majors, careers, and experiential learning opportunities that enhance the TSU learning goals of “engaging the world.”



Professional Development:

“PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is an intricate part of quality education and career preparation.  Effective professional development will enhance your job-searching experience and increase your chances of landing the perfect career opportunity.  The Career Development Center offers an array of professional development workshops, presentations, and events that will assist you with attaining skills for your personal and career development.  Please plan to attend these upcoming professional development events.” Click Here to Learn More

Service Learning:

“Service is one of the TSU Core Values which also includes Excellence, Learning, Accountability, Integrity, Shared Governance, and Diversity.  Our Mission is to facilitate quality educational experiences through community-based service-learning. The Center connects campus and community resources to create diverse learning experiences and to serve community needs. Its programs integrate the academic, service, and reflection components of service-learning by providing resources--including training and technical assistance to students, faculty, and the community. One of our five strategic goals is that of engagement - highlighting TSU's commitment to its service mission through engagement in community service, land-grant activities, and international education.” ….please “click here

Study Abroad:

“Join us!  The Tennessee State University Center for Academic Excellence in Intelligence Studies would like to offer you the opportunity to join us and see the world! In doing so, we hope to make our students more culturally aware citizens, encourage the learning of secondary languages, develop a mastery of communication skills, and most importantly build solid U.S. citizen graduates who are capable of serving the nation in any capacity.” Click Here to Learn More

Job Shadowing: 

Explore the WOW! Job Shadow Program

What is Job Shadowing?

The Explore the World of Work! job shadowing program is an experience where students may spend a few hours, a half day, or even a full day with an employer.  Each shadowing experience varies and will depend on the site, but students could engage in/observe client meetings, research projects, tour the facility, and interact with other departments within the organization.  TSU's Explore the WOW! job shadow program gives you, the student, the opportunity to have an insider's view of a profession through observing and interviewing a sponsor in the work environment.


By job shadowing, students have the opportunity to:

  • Make connections by building networks with alumni and employers in the industries that interest them

  • Gain experience by observing a specific occupation on location at the employer site, and

  • Confirm their major by validating their interest in a specific industry and/or occupation


Through participating in job shadowing, employers have the opportunity to:

  • Establish recruiting relationships with universities

  • Increase student interest in their organization and industry

  • Mentor students who are exploring their major and career interests

Schedule an appointment with the Career Development Center careerdevelopmentcenter@tnstate.edu , to learn more about the Explore the WOW! job shadow program!

Co-operative Education:

“Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an academic program that allows students to combine classroom instruction with degree-related work experience.  Co-op students are able to confirm their choice of major, to apply classroom instruction to professional employment settings, and to strengthen their marketability upon graduation.  The program provides careful supervision with timely evaluation of performance, attitude, and ability of the student on the job.  The goal is to help students grow and improve their capabilities.” Click Here to Learn More

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